Plan With Me - September 2019

Every month when I write my Birchbox post, I can never believe that the months are going this fast. Similarly, this post is giving me that same feeling - how is it September on Sunday! I love watching Plan With Me videos on YouTube which inspired me to do my own Plan With Me post last month. It went down pretty well so I thought about making it a monthly post! It's not going to be that different every month but let's be honest, a lot of this type of content isn't. Let's get planning!

This month I decided to go with a reddish-pink theme. This was one of the colours that I was thinking about for last month before going for the gold Tombow Brush Pen (026). To add this reddish-pink colour, I am using a Zebra Mildliner. I believe the shade is Mild Red, but it is definitely more pink in real life. It looks very similar to Essie Cute As A Button, which I put in the image above.

The Tools

- Biro

I always start by drawing out my title boxes. Each box starts and ends on the seventh dot from each side, and it three dots in height. The boxes on the left for the first three pages are coloured in with my Tombow Fudeonsuke Hard Tip Brush Pen. The other box stays empty. I then give each box a drop shadow with the Zebra Mildliner. 

For the last pages, it is the box on the right that is coloured in black, and the left box is filled in with the Mildliner. I draw out the drop shadow for these two boxes with my Sakura Pigma Micron PN, then filled in the right drop shadow with the Mildliner, and left the other one blank. 

I then go back and write in the titles for each page. On the black boxes I use my Uniball Signo Broad in White, and the Sakura Pigma Micron PN. I start with my blog plan, blog ideas, Instagram plan, Instagram ideas and then IGTV plan and IGTV ideas. On the last pages, I have my blog stats and Instagram stats.

I had to shorten September down to Sept, as there was not enough space. 

The last thing I add in the days of the month and my checklists. I put in the days (first letter only) in the first column, with the date next to it. The checklist start from the seventh box (not dot). For my blog, it goes PWSIFTP (Photos, Words, Scheduled, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest). For Instagram, PPS (Photo, Posted, Shared), and for IGTV, FEP (Filmed, Edited, Posted). I add in the stuff for my stats post at the end of the month. 

On my Instagram ideas page, I write out three sections, fashion, makeup and lifestyle. The other two ideas pages, I just write the ideas as they come to me!

What are your plans for September?

Ellyn xx

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  1. Oh, I also love to watch those kind of videos. I don't really have plans for September yet. Just enjoying that it is finally a little cooler outside



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