#GRWM - Trying Out Some New Products

When I post my makeup every Monday on Instagram, I sometimes notice that it gets a little repetitive with the products I am using. As a makeup lover, I own so much makeup that I really should share more off. So I decided in this #GRWM post, I would try to use some new products that I am trying out. There are still some old faithfuls, but I tried my best! Sometimes you do have to stick with what you know best!


Natural Eyeshadow Palettes - My Top Picks

Last month I wrote my desert island beauty picks for eyeshadow palettes. I then followed it up with a beauty picks post on just warm eyeshadow palettes. I thought it would be good to do another follow-up post with other palettes. I was going to call this cool-toned palettes, but most of the palettes I own tend to include at least one neutral/slightly warmer eyeshadow. So I've gone with 'natural' eyeshadow palette picks. 


Empties - June 2019

I used to love watching empties videos on YouTube. I think it the most accurate way to find out someone's views on a product. As I am sure like many others, I go through various phases with different products, but I don't always finish them or I just move onto something else. However this month I finished a few products and I decided I would write up an empties post. I don't know how regular this type of post might be but I will do it when I have at least 5. Last month I mainly finished up some skincare products.


July Birchbox - Born Unicorn

First off, I hope anyone who attended any pride events had a fabulous time! It is almost perfect that this month's Birchbox has a unicorn theme too! Not that you can really tell from the box other than 'Born Unicorn' on the tray insert! The swirl design is also holographic, I tried to capture that as best I could. The box this month is about embracing our inner magic and celebrating what makes us one-of-a-kind. No matter who we are, the colour of our skin, sexuality or gender identity, we are all unique, but all human and that should be celebrated! No unicorn left behind or left in the dark!

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