The Best Matte Lipsticks - Charlotte Tilbury Edition

If I'm wearing lipstick, you had better believe it is matte. I have never been a fan of glossy or 'slippery' finishes - you will never see me in lip gloss! However a lot of people also feel the same way about matte lipsticks. Whilst I was cleaning out my makeup drawer and my huge collection of lipsticks, I found lots of old favourites including two from Charlotte Tilbury. This has inspired me to create a series of blog posts featuring my favourite matte lipsticks from different brands. I want to include both a regular and liquid lipstick option. First up, Charlotte Tilbury!


Is My Beauty Stash Recyclable?

The impact of plastic on the environment feels like a never-ending struggle. At the end of last year, the Royal Statistical Society found that only 9% of all plastic is properly recycled. Whilst more brands are bringing out plastic alternatives, coffee-shops offering discounts to customers with reusable cups; the one area that I don’t think gets discussed enough is plastic and the beauty industry.

Various beauty products including lipstick, eyeshadow and blush

February Birchbox - From Birchbox With Love

This month marks my fourth year being a Birchbox subscriber. It is so fun getting a little parcel of goodies every month, and it often introduces you to many brands that you will not have heard of. Unsurprisingly, this month has a Valentine's theme - and how aesthetically pleasing does this box look with matching paper decoration, and the colour of all the products' packaging! With a bit of makeup and skincare, you could be entirely prepped for a date, or hanging out with your gal pals for Galentine's!

February Birchbox

My Desert Island Beauty Picks - Makeup Brushes

In all my desert island beauty series, I have featured at least three of each product. Whilst it is mainly due to my makeup obsession, it is completely unnecessary. Unless you are a makeup artist, we do not really need to have excessive amounts of one type of beauty product - and that includes beauty tools. For obvious reasons, a makeup artist has a plethora of different brushes in their kit, for sanitary purposes and for creating varied, editorial or commercial looks. But do I really need more than a couple brushes?

Makeup Brushes
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