Five Favourites - Late Spring Picks

Whilst I've written a few posts in the last couple of months about spring beauty, but as I'm sure many beauty addicts know - many things will come and go even within a few weeks! As we are heading into the last weeks of spring, I thought I would talk about five of my current favourites that are seeing me through! A mixture of old and new, and continued favourites! There is also a mix of high-street and high end.


NARS - My Top Five

NARS has been one of my favourite high end brands for a while now. In the last year, NARS opened a counter in my local department store! Good news for me, bad news for my wallet! As it is so much closer to my house, it has given me the opportunity to try out more things from the brand and I've managed to find a select few products which I absolutely love. I have done a similar post to this with my products from Benefit Cosmetics - let me know if there are any brands you would like to see me do a post like this for, high street or high end. Here are my top five picks from NARS!


May Birchbox - Spread Your Wings

My favourite month! My birthday month! I always look forward to receiving my May Birchbox as I often get it in the week running up to my birthday. Sadly my birthday is over (it was Sunday) but I had to wait to post this due to a missing product. I am really excited about the products in this month's box, it features a favourite, and new things to try from brands I already love! Also, how beautiful and spring-like is the box! Let's see what's inside.


How I Style - H&M Divided Jeans

It is a broken record about how much I love these jeans. They have featured in almost every fashion post I have written this year, and quite a few of my outfit pictures on Instagram. When it came to jeans, despite owning a few straight-leg pairs, I still mostly wore skinnys - until now. I honestly think I would wear these jeans for the rest of my life. These jeans work for both smart and casual outfits, so I thought I would share how I have been styling them for either occasion.

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