September Birchbox - Sweet Simplicity

Even if you are not in school anymore, there is something about September which still makes us want to start fresh. I also still get the desire to run to WHSmith and pick up lots of stationary goodies. Watching bullet journal videos probably doesn't help! This idea of refresh and focusing is also the theme behind this month's Birchbox. When I saw my box this month I was very excited as all but one were brands I've tried before through Birchbox, and have enjoyed everything I've tried. However these are all new products so I am excited to give them a try! Let's see what was in my box this month!


Why I Still Read Magazines

It is no secret that print magazines are in decline. With the rise of social media and digital platforms, more magazines are sharing online rather than print. Many magazines have stopped altogether in order to go online (Marie Claire announced yesterday)  or have just stopped completely. However I will never not read magazines. From weekly's to monthlies, I am always got a magazine in my reading pile. Whilst I do read a lot of content online, such as blogs, there is something different about having a physical copy, just like in books. Today I thought I would share my thoughts on why I'm going to keep reading them!


#GRWM - Natural Collection

Last year I wrote a GRWM-style post featuring all Rimmel London products. As I have been getting into the routine of sharing GRWM posts, I thought it was time I did one with all the products from one brand. This time, I chose Natural Collection. Natural Collection is based around the idea of enhancing your natural beauty, not covering it up. They are cruelty-free, and all of their products are under £3. The total cost for this look was under £20, and for a full face that is pretty decent!


Frizz Free Hair With Only Two Products?

It always baffled me when I hear people crave wavy hair. And I'm sure a lot of natural-wavy haired people might agree. The waves you see in the adverts, or after blow-outs are not the natural waves we have. When I was younger, my hair was just above shoulder-length and thanks to my wave, it would look triangular. A lot of wavy hair also tends to be frizzy. I used to use at least four different products, two hairdryers and straighteners every week to try and combat the frizz. However that's all changed. I've managed to de-frizz my hair with only two products.

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