Outfit Of The Evening: Bon Voyage!

Recently, whenever I have found an evening outfit, I have always rushed to grab my camera and rope in one of my family members to take some photographs for me. I am always wanted to put up some more fashion content on this blog, and it is something I am working on so hopefully, this won't be the last fashion post in months. Although, if you are reading this in the future and I have not stuck to this promise, let me know it the comments! This was my evening outfit from Monday night. My family and I went out to dinner as it was my sister's last night before she set off early yesterday morning for her year abroad in Australia. I have worn this outfit before and got some compliments on it so I thought I would put it up!


Current Make-Up Staples: The Face Edition

Back in May, I did an update on a previous post about my current make-up staples in my everyday make-up routine. There are a couple of products that have been featured in both previous posts, but I think it is still good to mention them, as it gives you guys a better idea of how much I love them, and how I like to use them. Also as many of these are on the higher-end of make-up, it shows that they are worth the money. These are all face products, as I tend to switch these up the least. It is easy to find plenty of good eye and products - finding the perfect base products can be tricky!


July Birchbox: Say Yes! To Adventure

I cannot believe that is already July. This year is going by so fast, and with another month, another Birchbox post. I love when the box is a little different to normal, this month is a 'normal' box, as in it doesn't have the usual pull-out drawer. I love the summer feel of this box, it reminds me of ice cream. This month's theme is about saying yes to adventure, although I don't know how relevant it is to my life right at this very moment. This month, there is only brand that I have tried before which is a shame, but I am also excited to try more products from these brands. Let's find out what was inside my box!


Makeup I Want To Use Again

The problem with being a make-up lover is that you can end up with a lot of make-up that you end up neglecting for a bit, being replaced by new favourites. Whilst in some ways it is good to switch up what make-up you are using, it's fun to reach back in and re-use some old favourites - and often wonder why you stopped using it! So in this posts, I have picked out four of my old favourite products that I want to start using it again this summer.

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