#GRWM - These Boots Were Made For Walking

It has been a while since I did a fashion post. Recently, I've been trying to experiment more with the clothes I own. Especially my beautiful red boots! I was going out with friends last night so I thought I would put together a #GRWM post for you all. Most of my recent #GRWM posts have just been makeup and whilst I do share my outfits on Instagram, I thought it was time that I shared a full look!


Inside My Makeup Collection - Benefit Box Powders

One of my favourite videos to watch are collection videos, or de-cluttering. Essentially videos that allow us to be nosy! For beauty influencers, there is a constant stream of new products, so it is always interesting to see their collections to find out what products stay, and that they really enjoy. Benefit is one of my all time favourite brands, and one thing that I own the most of, are their box powders. An iconic part of their brand. Since I got my first one, there have been several more released. They are some of my most used cheek products, and have many for a long time.


November Birchbox - Birchbox X Frozen 2

The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen. A kingdom of isolation and it looks like… ok let’s stop right there. We are not here for karaoke! If you hadn’t guessed by know, this month’s Birchbox is all about Frozen as Frozen 2 is released this month. I’m looking forward to seeing Olaf, as he is my favourite character, and of course what song is going to be stuck in my head! Let’s see what was inside this month’s box!


Desert Island Beauty - Makeup Routine

It's not a secret that I own way too much makeup for the average person. If you have read any of my Desert Island Beauty series, I tried to divide up my beauty stash to try and decide what I would take. I also share my makeup routine every Monday on Instagram. Today I thought I would be really strict with myself and share the makeup routine that I would take with me, if I could only take one of each step. If you have seen any of my Monday Instagram posts, you won't be surprised with some of these picks!

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