First Impressions: C.Y.O

Whenever I think about writing blog posts, I always wish I had more makeup to talk about that I haven’t already mentioned. So I thought I would try out some new makeup. A while ago, my local branch of Boots did a little revamp of their beauty section, and I noticed that they had stocked a new brand. C.Y.O. It was not a brand I had heard of before, but as I wanted to do a first impressions post, I thought this would be the perfect chance.

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International Day Of The Girl: A Young Perspective

October 11th is International Day Of The Girl. This day is all about highlighting and addressing the needs that girls face, whilst empowering them and the fulfillment of their human rights. Today, I feel like we are in a place where there is constant steps forward, but still a few steps back. To celebrate, I thought I would ask young girls today, how they feel about being a girl and their hopes for the future. Now my youngest sister Bethany is 11, so I asked her and a friend, some questions about what they thought about being 11 in this day and age, and their thoughts for the future.

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October Birchbox - Days Like These

Whilst we mostly associate October with Halloween, for me, it is probably the month that represents the autumn season the best. Highly appropriate that this month's Birchbox is decorated with autumn leaves! This month's Birchbox theme is about embracing autumnal nostalgia - relaxing, indulging and being all cosy at home. Sound's right up my street! In fact, right now I'm in a fluffy jumper, legging and fluffy socks. Someone pass me a hot cup of tea! This month's box was absolutely jam-packed, with two full-size products, and an extra treat. Obviously due to the theme, there are a couple of masks, hydrating treatments - looking forward to embracing the Hannibal Lecter look with the sheet mask, or C3-PO. Halloween costume sorted.

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My October Goals

It’s a cliche but I cannot believe that we are in October and heading towards the end of 2018. I really feel like the year has flown by! Before I start talking about my goals for the month, I just have to say - Happy Mean Girls Day! Not only is it October 3rd (which as a British person, feels weird to write it that way around) but it’s a Wednesday! So of course I am wearing pink today! Anyway, back to October. I have some posts that I am excited to share, some seasonally themed, and one which I am hoping will be really interesting to write and read. Let’s stop blabbering and get on with the goals!

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