Holiday Haircare - What I've Packed

As I am writing this post, I am finalising what beauty products I am taking with me, although when you read this post, I will be back home. I thought about doing a 'What's in my Travel Makeup Bag' or what toiletries I am taking, but I thought instead I would focus on what hair care I was taking. Makeup and other toiletries are often more personal to each person, but a lot of this hair care could be used. My normal hair care routine can feature quite a lot of different products, but I knew I had to streamline it, and decided to take the basic essentials.


What Books I'm Taking On Holiday!

I mentioned in my last post (My August Goals) that I wanted to get back on track with reading books. I have also said before that whilst I do enjoy reading, I can find it difficult to read at home without getting distracted. So the best time for me to get through some books is when I am on holiday. I always try to read at least two books when I am on holiday to at least try and make up for my atrocious lack of reading throughout the year - and when I say this, I am talking about novels, I do read the newspaper, two monthly magazines and blog posts. I am not that terrible I promise! I am going on two 'one week' holidays so hopefully by the end of the last one, I can put these back on my shelves as finished.


Smoothie Time: Tropical Sunshine Smoothie Bowl

One of the most popular smoothie recipes I have done on this blog, was the Tropical Sunshine smoothie. I know tropical flavours are quite popular with many people and as I am still in a smoothie bowl phase, I thought I would convert that original smoothie into a delicious smoothie bowl. As it has been so hot recently, and it looks like its continuing, a smoothie bowl is perfect for breakfast, as it is packed with frozen fruit too keep you cool! Keep reading to find out how to make it!


My August Goals

I know we all say this at the start of every month, but I really cannot believe that it is already August! I thought about doing another round-up post for July, but as it is the 1st when I am posting this, I thought it would make more sense to start with a goals post. If you are interested, I might do a end of month follow-up, to look at if I achieved any of these goals. I decided to split it into blogging and life goals, with three within each as I felt like this would be the most achievable. Let's hope that I can stick to them!

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