Habits I Want To Stick To This Summer

The start of a new season is a great chance to start new habits or try again with them. With the warmer weather approaching (let’s just ignore all the rain London is having now), lots of everyday habits can be even more essential. In today’s post, I thought I would talk about some of the habits that I want to stick to this summer, especially when they’ve been lacking.

Looking after my skin

Obviously, we should all be looking our skin every day, but in the summer months it is more important than ever. Hopefully we should all be seeing some sunshine, home and away and protecting our skin should be our priority over topping up your tan. 

Keeping up with a regular day and night skincare routine is something I am rubbish at. I am good at sticking to my morning facial skincare routine, but when it comes to evening skincare routines, and body care routines I am rubbish. The only times I tend to body moisturise is right after shaving, I might try to continue but will ultimately forget. 

This needs to change! Some advice I’ve had which I am going to use especially with an evening facial skincare routine, is to start it earlier. That way, you won’t end up with a sticky face on your pillow. I think this might also help with body care. 

Product-wise, I really like the YOPE Vanilla & Cinnamon Hand and Body Lotion which soaks in quickly. I would also like to try their Verbena version as it contains aloe vera which is a great for sunburn. Face-wise, I want to make sure I am at least using a moisturiser with SPF, if I am not wearing any additional SPF. I like the Superdrug Simply Pure Light Emulsion Moisturiser

Drinking more water

Another obvious thing but I think it is something that we can all improve. As well as drinking other fluids, making sure you are drinking enough water on its own is very important. For a while I was tracking the amount of water I was drinking through my bullet journal. However I have since changed how I use my bullet journal and I no longer use lifestyle trackers.

This past Christmas, I asked for a Chillys bottle. The lid of the water bottle I was using before had broken, and I found having a water bottle which I could fill 500mls in (I would try to drink at least 4 refills) made it much easier to track. Now I have a bottle with a lid again, I am hoping that I can get back on track. I do want to note that I do drink fluids (tea, squash etc.) during the day, it is more that I want to increase water specifically. 

Keeping up with fitness

Last year I was really getting into my running but it cut short due to health issues, and it took me until last month to get back into it. Whilst I walk everywhere (I can’t drive), and go to two weekly dance classes, I really wanted to get more active. 

I got some new running gear for my birthday, and I am running a 5k in July and I would love to complete a 10k within the year too. I’m hopeful that this could be one that I could stick to the most, even if it is just once a week. 

Do you have any habits you want to stick to this summer?

Ellyn xx

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  1. These are very similar to my goals for summer x

  2. I am working on those goals as well! I want to step up my skin care rountine especially when it comes to sun care products!

  3. I definitely also have to step up my skincare game!

  4. Hi Ellyn,

    Great post on what habits to do especially during Summer. Staying hydrated has been my goal and I created a bullet journal to help me keep track. I definitely need to work on staying consistent with my fitness routine.

    This post has motivated and inspired me. Thank you!


  5. These are some great habits to get into (and stick to). I've been upping my water intake recently and want to get back into running. I stopped due to both poor pyshical and mental health, and haven't yet pushed myself to get back out there.


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