My Desert Island Beauty Picks - Eyeshadow Palettes

We've all had to answer that question - what would you take with you to an desert island. Obviously we would all want food, water and shelter but what if that was already provided? As a makeup lover, it would be hard to part with my entire makeup collection but it does make me wonder what I would actually choose. Even that's too difficult. So I thought about dividing it into the different sections and see what I would have to take with me. First up, eyeshadow palettes!

When I first bought this palette, I was really into my Naked Heat palette I felt like I needed another palette that had a few more neutral shades to help with blending or in case I'm not feeling a warm eye look. I bought this palette for my 'Back To School' tutorial, and it has since featured in some of my #MakeupMonday Instagram posts, as well as on the blog. 

As with the Spice Edition, this palette comes with plenty of shades, so you can create plenty of different eyeshadow looks. Now the Original Naked palette is leaving us, this would be a great alternative, and it is considerably cheaper too! 

Now I realise that I could quite easily survive with just the Nude Edition, but let's be frank - I don't think I could ever part with this palette. This is easily the most used eyeshadow palette in my makeup collection, and if I really had to chose only one it would probably be this. Whilst I love the other two palettes, warm eyeshadow looks seem to be my go-to.

When I first got the Naked Heat palette, I did not think another warm eyeshadow palette could ever compete. Yeah, I was wrong. I also have the Smashbox Ablaze palette, but I still think this would be the first that I would save. Even though the others are considerably more expensive. 

This palette is predominately cool shades, with a warm shade too. Now I know what your thinking, you already mentioned your love for the warm and cool eyeshadows in the palettes above. However, all these eyeshadows are matte. Whilst I can now easily wear shimmers thanks to my NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base but I would always prefer mattes.

I also like that this has three pale matte shades which work for my skin-tone as highlight shades. Neither of the other palettes have a matte highlight. This palette is also quite bulky - could prove handy as a tool! Will have to use something to knock the coconuts off the tree!

If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see next let me know!

What eyeshadow palettes would you take to a desert island?

Ellyn xx

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