Spring Fashion Picks

I spend most of the winter months in jumpers and leggings. When the warmer weather begins to approach, I can pull out a lot more variety of options. I've worn a few of these during the winter, but it is during the spring and summer that they really shine. In this post, I've chosen a few style of clothing that I will be wearing when the weather finally warms up for spring. I've included some of my favourite options, and how I might style them. 

Midi Skirts

I love midi skirts. I constantly have at least one saved in my clothing wishlists. I think these skirts are the perfect choice for when the weather warms up a bit. You can get your legs out, and not have to worry about the wind blowing it up. My collection has grown to six, but it will definitely expand in the future.

There are four in my collection that will make a lot of appearances this spring. I have had my Primark Mint Green skirt for a few years now, a plain midi is a great option to start with. However, I am very excited to debut my new H&M Red Floral midi. I saw this on Facebook, but it was out of stock online, but I manged to find it in my local store. I am also excited to wear this gorgeous leopard/dalmatian Warehouse Animal Print midi.

I’ve also tried a new way of styling with my ASOS spotty midi, inspired by Hannah Gale – who actually just did a post all about how she styles her midi skirts!

How I Would Style Them:


Wide legged trousers are a great option for spring. I love that they can be dressed up for more formal, office-wear but can also be super casual. I own a lot of trousers now, in all patterns but I have a lot of stripes. I've mentioned before that my family have a thing for striped clothing, passed down from my nana, to my mum, to my sisters and I.

I really have been getting into the flared, '70s style trousers as you can see below on the far left and right. Both of these pairs are Miss Selfridge. I also love my ASOS mustard trousers, and spotty trouser/leggings also from ASOS. The middle pair are from H&M, I bought them last year to have as workwear during the warmer months, but they are great for casual wear too. 

How I Would Style Them:

Midi Dresses

It's not just skirts that I love the midi length on. For a majority of last summer, I was on the hunt for a perfect midi dress. Now I have two! And just like the skirts, I'm sure I will continue to get more over the next few months. Similarily to midi skirts, I love that you don't have to worry about it being too short, but these dresses are also nice and light.

I would probably save this towards the end of spring, when the weather really warms up. I am still loving red and mustard so these dresses are perfect! I wore my red midi dress in an outfit post I did whilst on holiday. I also wore my mustard dress a lot as well. 

How I Would Style Them:

Obviously I will be wearing other things during these months, but these will definitely be my go-to choices. I'm sure you will see many of these outfits feature on my Friday Instagram posts in the next few months.

What are your spring fashion picks?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I love the red dress! Super cute, and suits you too.

  2. You have so many cute picks and outfits. I also have midi dresses on my list because they have versatility.

  3. Hi Ellyn,

    Love all the different outfit inspiration! You perfectly display how each trend should be worn and different ways to participating in these trends. The midi dresses are my favorites and I cannot get enough of them!

    Thank you for sharing!



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