My Three Beauty Essentials

I wrote a lot last month about some of my high-end and high-street beauty favourites, and my last post was about some new products that I was trying. Today I thought I would write about three products from my makeup, skin and hair routines that have been a staple for a while now. Some beauty products come and go, whilst others stand the test of time. I have repurchased each of these at least once already, and will most likely continue to in the future, but you never know!

It goes without saying that I would recommend all these products! Two of these are from the high-street, and one is high-end.

Of course this is a staple! I have recently purchased a new bottle of this, and I am already using it! It is a broken record on this blog, but this is the best primer that I have ever used. It really hydrates the skin and gives a gorgeous natural glow. It is the priciest out of these products at £30, but I would pay for it every time.

My last bottle lasted over 6 months, using it at least 5 days a week! So you will get your moneys worth!

It felt like I could feel the hydration seeping into my skin as soon as I used it and with daily use in the morning and evening since purchasing, I can already notice a huge difference in how my skin feels. I would often get a very tight feeling in my skin after washing my face, even with just water and from using this serum, that feeling has gone away. I am still looking for a moisturiser that I will love just as much as this but for now, this skincare item is my life!

The serum is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans, is cruelty free and costs less than £3! It is available from the Superdrug website and should be stocked in most stores!

The main concerns with my hair are controlling frizz, and protecting it. As I have quite thick hair, that can get a bit frizzy and to get the best look, it has to be blow dried and straightened. Therefore I really want to protect my hair as much as possible.

What I love most about this cream is that it can be used on both wet and dry hair. I have found many styling creams, particularly ones that include heat protectant need to be used on damp hair, and if I am doing a touch-up straighten during the week, I want to add some additional protection, but not have to wet my hair again.

Do you have any beauty staples?

Ellyn xx

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