New Additions To My Beauty Routine

Last month, I did a few posts on some makeup staples, both high street and high end. However as a makeup lover, I cannot resist trying out new things and seeing how they match up to my current favourites. I thought I would write about some new products that I have been trying out recently. I wanted to start this post by saying that I did not pay full price for these, they are a mixture of presents and purchased from a sale. However I promise that none of these were sent to me or am I being paid for anything. I’ve got a mixture of makeup, fragrance and skincare to chat about so let’s get cracking!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked

Undoubtedly the prettiest palette I know own. I picked this up at a beauty sale whilst I was interning, and I’m glad as it is sadly discontinued. The Ambient powders are an iconic part of Hourglass and I knew I had to grab the chance to try some out. The palette comes with six powders, a bronzer, a highlight, two blushes and two powders.

So far I have really been enjoying using them. Whilst I have recently mastered the glowy skin look with liquid and creams, but this is the first time I have achieved it with powders. I would definitely consider buying some of these as individuals. Maybe not all at once.

I am always into my rose fragrances, but another scent that I really enjoy is Tuberose. When I think of body sprays, I instantly go back to the Impluse and Charlie sprays, a true representive of my high school days. However they are not always as longlasting in comparison to perfumes. But not this one. Jo Loves is the second brand founded by Jo Malone, after she was no longer part of the Jo Malone brand.

Funnily enough, the other Tuberose fragrance that I have is a sample of Tuberose Angelica from Jo Malone! This is one of the best body sprays that I have tried in terms of lasting power, especially given the price!

As I mentioned above, in fragrances I am a big fan of rose but now its creeping into my skincare routine as well. I always think its good to mix up what products you use in your hair and skincare routines, to prevent your skin or hair from getting used to it, and the products becoming null and void. I was kindly given this and the Bioderma below as part of a leaving gift.

I have used body sorbets before and I enjoy them, but this was the first that I have tried in a face moisturiser. It is great for use at night as it does not feel heavy on the skin so you can feel it on your pillow – not a fan of that!

I remember when Bioderma first hit the blogging community, and it really opened up the world of French skincare in my eyes. This is a great moisturiser for the day, whilst I think I have a smaller size, I can see myself purchasing the full size. The only thing I wish it had was an SPF, especially given that weird heatwave Britain had last week!

But as it is quite light, when it does get into the warmer months as it is light, an additional SPF can go on the top and my skin won’t feel heavy and slippy.

I am loving these products and as always it will be interesting to see in the next few months if anything new kicks them to the curb! If you have tried any of these products, I would love to know your thoughts!

What’s new in your beauty routines?

Ellyn xx

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