International Day Of The Girl: A Young Perspective

October 11th is International Day Of The Girl. This day is all about highlighting and addressing the needs that girls face, whilst empowering them and the fulfillment of their human rights. Today, I feel like we are in a place where there is constant steps forward, but still a few steps back. To celebrate, I thought I would ask young girls today, how they feel about being a girl and their hopes for the future. Now my youngest sister Bethany is 11, so I asked her and a friend, some questions about what they thought about being 11 in this day and age, and their thoughts for the future.

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I just thought I would mention that I think no one girl has the exact same experiences, and these experience will differ around the world, in different societies and at different economic levels. Whilst these two girls live in a more fair society than others, it was interesting to hear their perspectives. Also, I did not help these girls with their answers, this is all them.

Do you think being a girl, would ever stop you from doing anything.

Bethany: No. Even if I came across someone who did not believe in me because I am female, I would never let that stop me from achieving my dream, no matter how difficult it may be.

Emma: I do not think being a girl should ever stop me doing anything though I feel the world is still more about men. 

Why do you think that some people think that girls can’t or shouldn’t do something

Bethany: For centuries, girls have been associated with the home, beauty and being weaker then men, and there are some people who are still in that mindset. We should try and keep changing those mindsets so our world is one of equality.

When you reach 30, what do you think the world should be like for 11 year old girls.

Bethany: I think that no 11 year old girl in the year 2031 should never be told that they can’t do something because they are a girl. They should be given every single opportunity that life throws at them, and never let anything stop them from carrying on their dreams.

Emma: When I am 30, I think 11 year old girls will be involved in more activities, especially in sport and will be more equal to boys. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Bethany: A wildlife TV presenter because I love learning about animals and keeping the environment safe, and I would love to travel all around the world to see them.

Emma: I want to be an explorer or a climber when I am older. 

It was really interesting to hear what these young girls had to say. When Bethany gave me her answers, she included a really interesting quote that she had seen in her old maths classroom in primary school:

“Society is like an eagle. One wing is men, one wing is women. Only when those two wings are equal can our eagle fly.”

When I read this, I thought that this is a perfect example of what the world needs to be like. No need for arguments about feminism, moaning about societal differences - just plain equality.

I really do hope that the wishes expressed by the girls will be reflected in society someday, hopefully sooner rather than later. 

For more information about today, click here to go to the United Nation’s website.

Ellyn xx

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  1. omg - that quote at the bottom is ace!

    This is a really interesting post - good to see things are progressing - and young women are aware of the need to authenticate equality in the future to come.



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