First Impressions: C.Y.O

Whenever I think about writing blog posts, I always wish I had more makeup to talk about that I haven’t already mentioned. So I thought I would try out some new makeup. A while ago, my local branch of Boots did a little revamp of their beauty section, and I noticed that they had stocked a new brand. C.Y.O. It was not a brand I had heard of before, but as I wanted to do a first impressions post, I thought this would be the perfect chance.

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First off, everything in this post other than the mascara is under a fiver. Under £5. Although the mascara is only £6. What a bargain!

Just Wing It Felt Tip Eyeliner
When I was deciding what makeup to try from the brand, I thought it was only appropriate that I bought an eyeliner. It is a staple part of my everyday makeup routine, and it is fun to explore what options are out there. Recently I have been raving about the ASOS Design felt tip eyeliner, so I was already going into this with a lot of expectation, and also not expecting to like it.

I was pleasantly surprised. Alongside the ASOS eyeliner, this is definitely one of the best felt-tip eyeliner that I have tried. Like most, I did find it worked better over matte eyeshadow than shimmer, but I think that it common for a lot of eyeliners that are not liquid. It also has a smaller tip than a lot of other felt tip eyeliners I’ve tried, so it might be a great option for eyeliner novices.

Eye High Length Mascara
Whenever I talk about mascaras, I always have to make it clear that no mascara is ever going to give me huge, fluttery fake-looking eyelashes are mine are naturally short. However I do still try to use volumising or lengthening mascaras because they at least add some difference. C.Y.O also have a volumising mascara, but I decided to go with the lengthening as I think that will show if it works the best.

It mentioned on the packaging to apply at least two coats, and after I did this it did make much more of a difference from when I just did the first coat. To be honest, I’ve never really that bothered about mascara, I often use two different ones but this was a still a good mascara.

Crush On Metal Metallic Eyeshadow in Cooeey!
I was not sure what eyeshadow to pick up, I tend to prefer matte eyeshadows, but they can be quite similar across brands, so I decided to pick up their metallic eyeshadow in Cooeey!. I did a swatch of this in Boots, and I was really excited to try it out. Whilst this was a beautiful eyeshadow to use, and it is probably one of the best shimmery eyeshadows I’ve tried in terms of staying power, it was not as pigmented as the swatch.

I tried it a second time after wetting my eyeshadow brush, and whilst it was better, it still did not feel as great as the swatch did. However, it was still a fairly decent eyeshadow and I will use it again, I was just a little disappointed.

Matte Lot Of Good Matte Lipsticks in Bassline & Tune!
I really do not need any new lipsticks, but as a lipstick lover it is only right that I picked up a lipstick, and as everything was under a fiver, I got two! Whilst I was willing to try a shimmery eyeshadow over a matte eyeshadow, I love a matte lipstick too much. The two shades I picked up were Bassline (a pinky-red burgundy) and Tune! (orange-toned red - although the swatch online looks more neutral).

Out of the two, I think I prefer Tune! They are nice matte lipstick formulas, they don’t feel drying. I will say that neither lasted through food, but I did not have lip liner under either of them which I do normally do so that may have been part of that. However, as they feel comfortable on the lips, re-applying was no bother.

Overall I really liked what I tried from C.Y.O and would definitely try out more things from the brand. If there are products that are not in this post that you think I should try, let me know in the comments below!

Ellyn xx

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