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Whilst we mostly associate October with Halloween, for me, it is probably the month that represents the autumn season the best. Highly appropriate that this month's Birchbox is decorated with autumn leaves! This month's Birchbox theme is about embracing autumnal nostalgia - relaxing, indulging and being all cosy at home. Sound's right up my street! In fact, right now I'm in a fluffy jumper, legging and fluffy socks. Someone pass me a hot cup of tea! This month's box was absolutely jam-packed, with two full-size products, and an extra treat. Obviously due to the theme, there are a couple of masks, hydrating treatments - looking forward to embracing the Hannibal Lecter look with the sheet mask, or C3-PO. Halloween costume sorted.

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BeautyPro THERMOTHERAPY Warming Gold Foil Mask
Hydrate and stimulate tired skin with this luxurious mask. Self-warming foil allows ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin, improving elasticity and collagen production, reducing fine lines and wrinkles for a radiant glow!
Let's be honest, it's October, it's a sheet mask. I hope I am not the only person who thought about The Silence Of The Lambs. This is the first gold sheet mask that I've seen, but it is packed with nourishing and hydrating ingredients, which is just many people's faces need when the weather starts to cool. Although I might save this mask for when no one else is around, don't want to freak anyone out!

Winky Lux Strobing Balm in Radiant Pink
Bring the spotlight with you with this high impact strobing balm. Easily blendable, get your highlight on in seconds – the ultra-smooth cream melts onto skin, leaving you radiantly glowing. Bonus points: it’s cruelty free!
Through these boxes, I have tried a lot of formulas of makeup that I would not normally purchase and have enjoyed using them. So it will be interesting to see how this will match up. I have heard of Winky Lux, but mainly from their lipsticks that went viral. From the surface, it looks very much like the LAQA & CO. B’Lighter Blush + Highlighter that I got in my March Birchbox. Let's see how it matches up!

amika Soulfood Nourishing Mask
When it comes to hair health, split ends and dryness are two of our worst enemies. Fight both with this nourishing, all-natural hair mask. Packed with vitamin-rich sea buckthorn berry and jojoba oil, it intensely hydrates strands while repairing damage and sealing frayed ends. Best of all, its free of parabens and other unwanted chemicals that have no place near your head.
I always love a good conditioning mask. I have very thick hair, so anything that can give my hair some extra love, I'll use it. I have had a few amika hair products in my Birchboxes, and as well as the colourful packaging, everything I have tried, I have liked so I do have high expectations. As I also blow dry, and straighten my hair everytime I wash it, it is good that this has ingredients to repair the hair as well. Whilst I do use hair protectants, it is still good to add more protection. 

This 2-in-1 soap-sponge hybrid tool combines detoxifying charcoal body wash with a mild, exfoliating scrubber so you can skip a step (and a product) in the shower. Expect to feel satisfyingly squeaky clean after using.
This is one of the most bizarre products that I have received in my Birchboxes. But as many body scrubs can be a very messy thing to use, a product that combines a scrub and a body wash seems a great option. Charcoal is still a very popular ingredient within skincare, and whilst I have used it in face masks, I have not tried it in any body care. It might also be great for travel. 

This odour-fighter gets rid of unwanted scents while giving your underarms some love – meaning no harmful chemicals, just 100% all-natural ingredients and amazing essential oil scent combinations that won't irritate. The effective formula uses plant-based powders (instead of aluminium) to absorb wetness and neutralise odour. Oh, and it's vegan, cruelty-free, and sweetly fragranced with bergamot and lime.
This was a perfect choice for me. I had just run out of deodorant. This is the first deodorant that I have tried that did not have either a fresh or perfume scent. As per the name, it has a strong citrus smell. I have started using it, and it's now the afternoon but don't worry, I don't smell like kitchen cleaner. This is also made with natural ingredients so it might be a good choice for those with sensitive skin.  

Lock in moisture from dusk ‘till dawn with this rich recharge cream that promises to replenish radiance and nourish tired skin whilst you sleep! Rich shea butter and birch sap work in harmony to hydrate and nourish, leaving your complexion feeling boosted and revitalised for the day ahead. Hello dreamy skin!
I received a Lumene moisturiser in another Birchbox and it was one of the best moisturisers I have used. I have also seen it pop up amongst the blogging community and it is no surprise why it is so popular. Whilst I am not always great at sticking to a nighttime skincare routine, when I do remember, I like to use hydrating and nourishing products as it will help my morning skin feel more perky and fresh. Definitely looking forward to trying this!

I can't wait to give my face, hair and body all these nourishing treats during the cooler months. I always like it when there is a mixture of brands that I have heard of and new brands. As always, if you have tried any of these products, please let me know your thoughts?

What do you use to treat yourself during the cooler months?

Ellyn xx

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