My Top Three Foundations For Events & Parties

The start of 2018 means the end of the party season. Although for some people, it might be a nice thing! I had a few festive parties to go as well as Christmas/New Year and I often wear foundation as part of my make-up to help achieve a flawless look, or to help the rest of my make-up last a bit longer. I was switching between three foundations on these various occasions and I really enjoyed using them. So in today's post, I thought I would write about them as I think many people would like them. Just to say, I did receive all three of these in gift bags at press events I went to with work but I would definitely repurchase all of them and I have not been paid to say anything about them.

Life Of A Beauty Nerd - Top 3 Foundations For Events
Sleek Lifeproof Foundation 
At the event where I received this, you could get professionally matched (as there are 24 shades in total) but I did not so I was quickly matched on the way out so it is one shade too dark but it blends out really easily so it isn't too much of a problem.

Although it is a medium to full coverage foundation, I find that you can still apply a light layer if that's all you need, but you can get a full coverage look if that's what you prefer. It is also a bargain at £8.99 - and with so many shades available, and it's in the drugstore, it's pretty amazing.

I have this foundation in three different shades (Mont Blanc, Fiji and Punjab) and I use at least one of them almost every day. The shade Fiji is the closest to my skin-tone so this is the main one that I would use for foundation. Now I tend to blend out the foundation with a bit of moisturiser and a damp sponge as it is quite a thick formula. 

I do also use it as a concealer as I find it lasts really well and also as I wear glasses, I find thicker concealers work better. When using it as a concealer (I also sometimes use Mont Blanc), I either 'draw it on' under my eyes or apply it straight with the sponge. I have been wearing more eyeshadow recently, including blending it under the eye and I find it is much easier to apply and last with a thicker base to stick too. I also use it as an eye base

The shade Punjab I only wear if I want to add almost a tan to my skin but I always blend this out with moisturiser or a make-up thinner otherwise it would just look silly. It is the most pricey at £30 but I would say if you wanted to treat yourself, it is quite a nice one to go for. 

Firstly, I think the packaging for JCTB is absolutely stunning and fits in so perfectly with the whole old Hollywood theme. I really love how this blends out on the skin, it also has lots of hydrating ingredients which for me is great.

I also find that this foundation does not accentuate any light hair (like peach fuzz) on the face as I know that can make some people feel a bit self-conscious. 

Also, if Joan Collins loves this product and she is one of the world's most iconic women, it's got to be pretty good! Unfortunately there isn't a huge shade range for deeper skin-tones but I hope this will expand in the future because it is a great foundation. 

So these are the three bases that I have been loving to use when doing my make-up for parties and events. If you have tried any of these foundations or have a particular favourite that you love to use, let me know in the comments below!

Ellyn xx

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  1. I didn't even realise Sleek did foundation for some reason, will definitely be looking to give it a try soon x

    1. It is relatively recent, I think it came out end of summer, start of autumn x

  2. Hey Ellyn! I was just wondering what camera/lighting you use to take your pictures? Always looks great! �� xx

    1. Aw thanks! I use a Nikon D3300 with a 50mm lense and it's all natural lighting - when editing I increase the contrast, brightness and colour and that helps lift the picture without changing it too much! I also take my blog photos in rooms where the light comes from above which helps as well xx


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