My New Years Resolutions For 2018

Tomorrow is 2018. That is quite scary. I hope everyone who is reading this is either having a great New Year's Eve or start to the New Year. Today's post is all about the resolutions that I have decided to make for 2018. I decided to make four as I thought it would be the easiest to keep if there weren't loads. Like most people I have included a fitness resolution but most of these are specific to things in my own life - which I think is important to think about when making resolutions, don't make it general, make it about you.

Life Of A Beauty Nerd - My New Years Resolution For 2018
Bullet Journaling
Although some of the bloggers that I read/watch have done bullet journaling for a while and it is certainly not a new thing, this year I have really got into AmandaRachLee's Plan With Me videos on Youtube (they are gorgeous).

I love this way of personalising your diary and I find colouring very therapeutic so it will be a really fun thing to do every week. I also this having a bullet journal will help me keep my resolutions as I can keep track of them in a Habit Tracker or in a Monthly Calendar spread.

Meet Up With Friends At Least Twice A Month
I am rubbish at organising things to do with friends, especially since I left university. So I have decided to make a resolution to meet up with a friend/s at least twice a month.

Whether that is just for coffee, or a night out, it will be nice to see my friends more regularly than I am doing currently. This is also with me organising, not including if I have been invited out by friends.

Get Back Into Workouts
For a while back in the autumn, I was doing two seven minute workouts quite regularly during the week as well as going to my dance classes. For some reason, I stopped and I can't remember why.

I really want to get back into doing regular fitness and I think with the addition of bullet journaling, it could help. I want to make a Habit Tracker (also in Amanda's spreads) and I can include 'Did A Workout' and that will motivate me to do a workout as often as I can!

Read At Least One Book A Month
When I am on holiday, I can get through a book, sometimes even two or three. When I am at home, I can barely get through half a book. I like my phone too much.

I have started and not finish many books this year so 2018 - I want to finish them all and other ones too! It might end up being that I read more E-Books but regardless, I want to read a minimum of 12 books in 2018.

So these are my four resolutions for 2018, I really hope I can keep them up as I think they could make a real difference to my life. I might do a re-cap post in June to see if I have been keeping to them. Have you made any resolutions for next year? Let me know in the comments below!

Ellyn xx

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