Three On-The-Go Eyeshadow Palettes

Sometimes there just is not enough time to get ready and you have to do your make-up on the go. I personally am not one for minimal make-up so I still try to do my usual make-up look. When on-the-ho, it is handy to be able to do everything, in as few products as possible and it is even better if the individual products are not too large. In today's post, I will be talking about three eyeshadow palettes which are perfect for on-the-go and can be used for both day and night looks. I decided to choose all neutral palettes as they are easier for everyone - and hopefully everyone no matter their skin-tone could use some of the eyeshadows in these palettes.

Three On The Go Eyeshadow Palettes - Life Of A Beauty Nerd
In the professional make-up world, Kryolan is a very popular brand and I really think it should get more exposure in the blogger/consumer make-up world. These eyeshadows are very pigmented and apply so smoothly to the eyes - it is no wonder the brand is such a hit with professional make-up artists. 

I've used this palette to create daytime make-up and if I needed to, it has two great darker brown eyeshadows to bump it up into a nighttime look. These palettes also come in 20 other options also named after cities so even if this palette doesn't suit you, there is bound to be one that will.

I love the Timeless Beauty range and this palette is definitely one of my favourites. The main three eyeshadows are super pigmented and the gold adds a perfect amount of shimmer to the eyelid without ruining the make-up that's already there.

I think almost everyone could get a nighttime look out of this palette but maybe not a daytime look. I really hope the range gets expanded because the eyeshadows are so gorgeous and everyone should be able to enjoy them.

This palette has been around for years and years and was one of the first products I ever owned from Benefit. This palette is the only one with colour eyeshadows (other than one brown eyeshadow) as they are in the pink family, which hopefully means anyone can use them - its only about if you like wearing pink eyeshadow! 

This palette also comes with a concealer (but annoyingly I don't think you can get it in darker shades) and two mini brushes so it also means you might not need to take a separate concealer. Now I don't think is available on the Benefit site anymore, but I think it is still stocked in some of their retailers.

I think all three of these palettes are great for so many people's on-the-go make-up bags. I realise these are all within the £20-£25 mark but I think it is totally worth the money. Have you tried any of these palettes, or do you have your own favourite palette for on-the-go makeup?

Ellyn xx

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