Jo Malone: First Thoughts

It was my 22nd birthday on the 12th May and this year I was treated to some Jo Malone goodies from my parents. Jo Malone is such a well-known luxury brand and are iconic for their fragrances and packaging. I have wanted to try Jo Malone products for a while now but for some reason I never plucked up the courage to try anything. I think it has always been a mixture of being shy around sale assistants and being a bit daunted by the prices.

The first item that I received was the Basil & Neroli Scented Candle when I was opening my presents on the morning of my birthday. I have heard that Jo Malone candlers are great at filling a room with fragrance without burning too quickly. I do not want to use this up too quickly so I think I will still use my IKEA candlers and save this for special occasions so it is not wasted. I will be keeping the glass after it finishes though because it is really beautiful! I'm not sure if I would purchase the Basil & Neroli scent in the cologne but in a candle I think it works nicely in a candle and will be nice to use in all seasons.

Also in the beautifully scented and packaged Jo Malone bag (which reminded us all of the 'gift wrap' scene in Love Actually) were two invites for my mum and I to have a hand massage at the new Jo Malone counter. The whole thing was really fun and it would make lovely treat for Mother's Day or someone's birthday.

We were offered some champagne (although I chose to have some lime water instead) by the lovely girl from Jo Malone who ran our appointment - unfortunately we did not catch her name but she was absolutely amazing! She asked us both what we tend to go far in fragrances and we tested some combinations until we found the scent combination that we loved! The combination was brought out in one scent in the body crème and the other in a fragrance which was spritzed on top!

Now I am really annoyed with myself because I cannot remember what the body crème fragrance was - I think it was the Orange Blossom but I am not 100%. The fragrance however I loved so much and that was the Velvet Rose & Oud from the Cologne Intense fragrances. The fragrance contains damask rose, smoky oud wood, clove and praline. It reminded me of my favourite fragrance Chloe with a twist of something different. I think that's why I really liked it because it was something familiar, but still different. I know they both contain elements of rose so that is probably why!

My lovely mother then treated me to a 50ml bottle of the Velvet Rose & Oud fragrance and I really do love it! Just like the candle, I am going to save this for special occasions because otherwise I will use it everyday and it will be gone before I know it! We were also given samples of the Tuberose Angelica fragrance which is also from the Cologne Intense range and the English Pear and Freesia body crème which they gave to us in a tiny Jo Malone bag which was very cute! The Tuberose Angelica also smells really good and contains angelica and amberwood. The English Pear and Freesia also reminds me of Chloe as it also contains freesia!

I had a wonderful rest of my birthday and we went to see Kinky Boots in the West End in the evening which was amazing! I cannot believe that I am now 22 years of age!

Ellyn xx

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