Fashion Fave: Satchels

When it comes to bags, satchels have been my favourite for a long time. They are the perfect size for carrying not too much or not too little. I have recently added two new satchels to my collection in different colours and I have been loving coordinating my outfits with the bags. That is also a great thing about the satchel bag as it can be used as a subtle way of introducing some colour to an outfit as well as to go with the rest of the advert. I have also included any outfit photos from blog posts or Instagram or any links to how other people have worn these bags or bags similar!

Topshop OLIVIA Triple Cross Body Bag
Unfortunately this is the only bag that is still available to purchase and is also the newest to my collection. It is the smallest of the three bags so you would have to consider what you want to put in it. For example, I cannot take my normal purse with me so I can only take my card holder and my small coin purse. However if you are running errands and just need to take your keys, phone and a small purse that it is a good option.

It appears on the Topshop website to be more of a pink-red but in person it is definitely more of a true red. It costs £20 and also comes in a mustard and grey. I wore this bag on a Instagram story outfit of the night post (follow me for blog updates and future OOTD/Ns) with a navy polo from Primark and my Topshop gingham trousers which I purchased at the same time as the bag.

Reiss Mint Green Satchel
I bought this gorgeous mint green satchel from the equally gorgeous Liv Purvis at The Bloggers Market at the Camden Collective back in April! Mint green is one of my favourite pastels and I already own a gorgeous mint green midi-skirt and now I have a wonderful matching bag! I would say that this is more of the standard satchel size but is a lot more softer in terms of the material. This means that is not as rigid so it is not as constricting when it comes to packing.

I don't have an outfit picture with this bag so I included one of the pictures from the outfit post that Liv did featuring this bag. Firstly, I love how she styled the entire outfit and the car in the background is one of my favourite cars! You should check Liv's blog for more beautiful outfit photographs which her boyfriend Joe takes - he is a great photographer!

Photo credit: Olivia Purvis/Joseph Galvin 
Zatchels Brown Satchel
As I said in my A Bridge Over Casual Waters I received this satchel from my parents as an post-exams gift and it has become my most used bag. It is the only bag that has the classic satchel design and colour! It is also the only one that only has one main section without any dividers. It also has a smaller pocket in the front.

I still use this bag quite often as it goes with the most outfits and also can fit in a few items from places like Boots and Superdrug. I seem to remember it was quite pricey but it has a very sturdy material and although I have had it for at least four years, it really hasn't shown much wear and tear. I would really recommend investing in a least one bag from a brand like Zatchels or the Cambridge Satchel Company if you are interested in getting a satchel as it will last.

So this is my current selection of satchels! Are there a particular style of bag that you really like? Comment below as I would be really interested! Also let me know if there are any more fashion posts you would like to see from me as I am really wanting to expand the fashion part of my blog!

Ellyn xx

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