Pamper Routine - Quick & Simple

Everyone deserves to have a pamper evening. Whether you do it weekly or monthly, a pamper evening is a great way to have some time to yourself from the rest of the world. I try to set aside one evening a week, most often a Thursday or Friday and claim the main bathroom to have a nice relaxing bath and chill out! Everyone's pamper routine is different so do not feel like you have to do everything, tailor it to yourself and what makes you feel pampered and relaxed! That is the most important thing to get out of a pamper routine - relaxation from the crazy world! The best part out of my pamper routine is that it is quick and simple. It features minimal products and that works for me! So if you like taking a long time with a plethora of products - do it! I will say that taking the photograph for this post was painful, it took a lot of changing the background, putting different Lush products in so I hope that this is alright!

Although I am more of a shower person on a daily basis, a nice bath with some Lush products is something I love to do. I always have a few Lush bath bombs ready but occasionally I liked to add a bath melt or use a bubble bar or do a mixture of all three. At the moment, I have loved using the Unicorn Horn bubble bar which I believe was brought out for Valentine's Day, thankfully I bought two so I still have one left. Now it doesn't create pastel rainbow bubbles which would be really cool but you do get a nice amount of bubbles even if you only use a small amount.

My youngest sister gave me a Lush gift set for my birthday which contains a selection of products that I have tried and not tried including the Rose Jam Bubbleroon in the photograph which I am excited to try!

I am not someone who can just sit in the bath without having something to read or watch - recently I have been watching The Big Bang Theory in episode order on Netflix. This is also the time when I tend to shave my legs as I find it too difficult to do in the shower. I like to use a body scrub both before or after to remove any dead skin and make sure all the hair is removed, at the moment or whenever I do not have a scrub, I always make sure I use a loofa to do at least something. As I said I am out of a body scrub at the moment so if you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments.

I then wash my wash and use a face mask. I have used various brands and types of masks including Lush, Neutrogena and The Sanctuary. I leave them on for however long before washing them off. If I am having a Lush bath then I will make sure to only wet my flannel with fresh water from the tap - I don't want to end up with a glittery face! The Neutrogena cleanser in the photograph is alright to use, but I want a new milk/cream cleanser so if again any recommendations would be welcome! I think this was actually my sister's but I needed a new cleanser and I keep forgetting to get one!

After getting out of the bath, I put on some pyjamas - I can sometimes feel a bit hot after having a bath so I tend to go with pyjama shorts and a t-shirt. I always try to use a body moisturiser on my legs if I shaved them. I don't like putting on anything too heavy if I am going to bed after so I like to use something light. I really like the body sorbets and lotions from The Body Shop or just any kind of light lotion. I then go and wash my face and do my teeth as normal and moisturise my face and then it's off to bed we go!

So that is what I do on my pamper nights, it is not the most extravagant of routines but it works for me and I like I said, it doesn't matter how long it is or how many products you use - it is about making you feel relaxed! I hoped you liked this post and always leave any questions, requests or feelings in the comments!

Ellyn xx

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