The Bloggers Love Tag!

So as I said in my Autumn Tag, I am doing the Bloggers Love tag that I found on Fee’s MakeupSavvy blog!

The Bloggers Love Tag!

What was the first blog you ever came across?

I can’t remember specially what the first ever blog I came across was! The first blog I started reading on a regular basis was Estée Lalonde (and I am still a regular reader today!)

Favourite blog reads?

Does my entire Bloglovin’ feed count? My favourite bloggers include Estée, Suzie from HelloOctober, Lily Melrose and Anna from The Anna Edit and many more!

Best blogging friend

As a newbie to the blogging malarkey as of the minute I don’t have a blogging best friend but one of my really good ‘real-life’ friend Sarah has a blog so right now she is all I have!!

Name a blog that enables your purchases

This can also be anyone on my feed but I have to say, I can’t watch one of Estée's videos without making note of at least one thing!

Blogs everyone should be reading

I could listen to her talk about skincare all day, and let's face it - she is basically the Queen of Skincare! Her blog is perfect for anyone who is getting into skincare or even if you are a skin care junkie! She also has Skincare 'Cheat Sheets' which I think are really useful! She has a hilarious and witty personality that really shows in her posts and her YouTube videos!

I won't ramble on any more about how wonderful she is! Even though I could. Probably forever

Lily Melrose (Fashion)

Out of her two blogs, I love Lily's fashion blog the best! Her outfit photos always look professional and I love her style.

If Caroline is the Queen of Skincare, then Lisa has to be the Queen of Makeup! I believe Lisa was one of the first of the big make-up artistry names to come onto YouTube and I love that she did! I feel like I learn something every time I watch one of her videos.

I'm jealous of Sally's amazing culinary skills! Every post looks so yummy and I wish I could just eat them! I have made her Raspberry Cheesecake brownies before and they were heavenly!

Your favourite way to read blogs

Bloglovin! I can read of my favourite blogs on one app!

Bloggers that inspire you

Pretty much everyone I have mentioned!

Favourite blog design/look

I like the clean, classic and simple look.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

It justifies my copious amount of trips to Boots!

Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future?

I have two and I have already mentioned them – Caroline Hirons and Lisa Eldridge! Both are experts within their field and I always feel like I’m learning when I read their posts/watch their videos

So those were my answers, I hope you enjoyed learning about my blogging life and I will link everyone who I have mentioned and I really recommend you check them out!
Also I tag anyone and everyone who wants to do this!

I also wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog whether I know you personally or not! I have had a blog before but I deleted it because of the lack of viewings that weren't from me so it makes me so happy to see that people are actually reading this! I would love to hear your feedback in the comments and if you have any suggestions for blog posts you would like to see!! 

What are your favourite blogs to read?

Ellyn xx

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