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Leggings have always been a staple part of my wardrobe and style. I would pretty much wear leggings every day unless I was wearing one of my many dresses (my other staple pieces along with jumpers). I own a lot of leggings, from a copious amount of plain black leggings to an assortment of patterned pairs. It was because of this I never really got into wearing jeans post-childhood days. Finding a pair of jeans has always been a slight pain as well due to having quite long legs and a slim waist. It was often that the jeans would either be too short or too wide.

My original jean go-to shop was Uniqlo as their jeans fitted me both in length and at the waist. I have two pairs of these jeans in a black and a medium denim wash. However, the black has faded to a dark grey and the blue pair have become baggy around my calves and ankles. I also own some coloured jeans from H&M but sadly these were not done in ‘normal’ jean waist and length sizes so they are slightly short on my legs.

So you can kinda see why I tend to stick with leggings

However my relationship with jeans has now changed. I am currently in my second year of university and in my university town has a wonderful Topshop store. In my actual hometown, the only Topshop is in a department store so it only has a limited amount of stock.  Since arriving at university last year, Topshop has become one of my favourite stores and I’ve really been interested in investing in a pair of their popular jeans.

Both of the denim jeans that I already owned were simple skinny jeans so for my first pair of Topshop jeans, I decided to go with something different so I bought a pair of the black Joni jean. The Joni jean is a skinny fit jean that is super high waisted. It is described as “spray-on skinny leg jeans”.  I can say that these are the first pair of skinny jeans that I have ever owned that 100% fit their description. The jeans really mold to your legs and the top of the jeans reach and cover my belly button.  They are super comfortable as the denim is really soft so they almost feel like a pair of jeggings! (However, I noticed that these jeans have stretched out a bit (not badly) but it might be an idea to consider going a size down)

I wore these jeans three days in a row when I first purchased them and I could probably wear them every day! 

The Joni jeans cost £36.00 (I got them for a bit less with a student discount) and come in other washes, colours, patterns and are also available in a ripped jean. Click here for the full range. I have also purchased a pair of dark blue Leigh jeans since and I am definitely continuing to be impressed with Topshop's jean range!

What is your favourite style of jean?

Ellyn xx

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