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If I could only keep one part of my makeup routine, it would probably be eyeliner. Eyeliner has been a crucial part of my makeup routine since I first started wearing makeup when I was about 13. I’ve gone through many eyeliners throughout the years, from a variety of brands but in the last few years have I found my favourites. Today, I will share three eyeliners which I think are some of the very best. I’ve included a felt-tip liquid, and two pencils.

Picture of Benefit Roller Liner, MAC Coffee Eyeliner, MAC Feline Eyeliner

I’ve spoken about this eyeliner a few times now, but I still cannot praise this product enough. I much prefer a felt-tip eyeliner to do my cat-eye flicks as opposed to gel or liquid. I’ve tried many across high-street and high-end but this is definitely the best. I have been using for over six months, almost every time I wear makeup and it is still very pigmented. 

I also own the brown version, and it works just as well. I personally prefer the black one but if you want something a little more subtle, the brown is a great choice. I have a full review of these eyeliners here

As a brand that was created for makeup artists, I have never tried a product from MAC that was not excellent. I am a massive fan of their matte lipsticks, but their eyeliners are a new favourite. Feline is one of the best black eyeliner pencils that I have tried. In fact, it featured in my Top Three Products From MAC post. It’s formula means that it is extremely pigmented, and also works great for smudging.

I will admit that it does smudge a little underneath, but that isn’t really something that bothers me. It is very easy to apply, especially to the upper lashline which can sometimes be tricky with a less pigmented eyeliner. 

I used to find that non-black eyeliners have never been as good as a black eyeliner, especially in pencils. Whilst nowadays, there are a lot more pigmented coloured eyeliners out there, it can be hard to get one as good. For me, the one brown eyeliner that has managed to beat the odds is MAC’s Coffee. 

Thankfully, Coffee eye pencil kept us! It is the best brown eyeliner I have ever used. Creamy, pigmented and lasts really well, even on the waterline. It is also less harsher on the eye then black.

Have you tried any of these eyeliners?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I've never tried the benefit roller lash, but I've heard great things about it! I'm definitely going to try it out the next time I need a new one! Thanks for the recommendation :) xxx

    Melina | www.melinaelisa.com


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