How I Plan My Content - Creating Photos

I've written a couple posts in the past about how I plan my blog content, and my blog planning essentials. However these focused purely on the planning side, so I thought I would talk about the next step - taking photos. Creating flat lays is one of my favourite parts of creating content. Over the years, I have honed in on how I create my flat lays, almost getting down to a formula. Today I am spilling all my secrets!


I like to feature a few different backgrounds for my content. When I re-launched my blog back in 2017, I initially started with a sample marble tile from Topps Tiles. This is a great place to start with as you can get some cheap tiles, that are durable and easy to clean. Since then, I like to mix up my backgrounds and have at least three to work with.

At the moment, I use my Capture By Lucy White Floorboards vinyl backdrop, my IKEA Hemnes Dressing Table, and a white pillow sheet. As I not only post twice a week on here, I also try to share daily content on my Instagram, mixing up the backgrounds keeps it interesting, and allows me to be more creative. 

White Floorboards

IKEA Hemnes Dressing Table

White Pillowcase


Aside from the actual product that you are featuring, it is nice to include other things in the background to fill up the space. My main props are candles, magazines, notebooks, lipsticks and old Birchboxes. I like to use a least of a few of these per photo, and obviously it does depend on the content. 

If you take a look at my content, you might notice I like to colour coordinate, or at least have some kind of theme. You can really use anything in a background, jewellery, books, fairy lights. Have fun and mix it up.

Keep It Simple

I love keeping it simple, keeping the main focus on the product or whatever it is I'm talking about. Whilst I love looking at gorgeous flat lays on Pinterest, when they are filled with lots of things, it can be hard to see what the focus of the post is about. I like to try and have no more than five things in the background.

I thought I would share a hilarious behind the scenes moment when I was taking the photo for my October Birchbox post - my chief assistant Pandy the cat! To be honest, I think she was quite confused about what was happening!

Have you tried any of these products?

Ellyn xx

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  1. Great tips, I don't do many flat lays and always struggle with how many props are too many when I actually need one x


  2. Lovely post! I struggle to get motivated to do flatlays but it’s something I need to work on in the future. Great tips.
    Love Alexa,

  3. I love your flat lays! I have some boards with some sticky plastic over the top of them in marble and in white wood, which make really good backgrounds. However, I could never really get on with flat lays myself! I thought it was my old camera but since getting a new one, I still can't get to grips with them. So I've recently changed up my photography style in the last few months and I much prefer it for me! Although I'll always be jealous of those that can take gorgeous, clean flatlays! - Jenny x


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