Three Lipsticks I Want To Wear This Autumn

Whilst I am a firm believer that you don't have to wear certain shades in certain seasons, the one time I tend to stick to that idea, is when autumn comes around. Especially when it comes to lipsticks. As someone who has a lipstick collection which is beyond excessive, I often go between the same shades so whenever a chance comes to switch it up, I do it! One of my favourite switch-ups is from summer to autumn. Let's see what I want to wear this year!

Whenever autumn arrives, I get excited about wearing some of my darker lipsticks again, especially Antique Velvet. I've said this many times but it was after watching this video by Jessie (sunbeamsjess) and I bought it straight away. When I wear this lip combination, I tend to wear my hair up as I already have quite dark hair and against my skin-tone, it can look a little too much if I had my hair down. Antique Velvet has a matte finish but is not as drying as other matte formulas from M.A.C like Ruby Woo.

As well as dark lipsticks, a berry lip is another staple of my autumn makeup. Last year when a NARS counter finally opened in my local department store, I knew one of the first things I purchased would have to be a lipstick. It was autumn, so I was drawn to this shade Audrey. It has a slight more creamier finish than most of my lipsticks, but it still lasts on the lip. 

Whilst I still prefer a matte finish, it’s nice to have a great feeling lipstick, for when I feel like giving my lips a break from all the matte formulas!

Whilst I love the above colours, I will still wear 'normal' lipsticks. As a lipstick fan, lipsticks end up everywhere and I often won't see one for months as it is in some pocket somewhere. I recently found my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick again and I want to wear it all the time! It is slightly more pink than a lot of the other 'nude' shades that I usually go for. 

I really like the Matte Revolution formula, similarly to the MAC ones, they still feel comfortable on the lips. I also love the rose gold packaging!

Do you switch your makeup out in the autumn?

Ellyn xx

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  1. That Nars one is a gorgeous shade 😍

  2. These lipsticks are super gorgeous. The MAC Velvet one is lovely.

    cabin twenty-four

  3. I love berry/ deeper lip colours at this time of year. Antique Velvet looks like a lovely shade x



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