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It is a broken record about how much I love these jeans. They have featured in almost every fashion post I have written this year, and quite a few of my outfit pictures on Instagram. When it came to jeans, despite owning a few straight-leg pairs, I still mostly wore skinnys - until now. I honestly think I would wear these jeans for the rest of my life. These jeans work for both smart and casual outfits, so I thought I would share how I have been styling them for either occasion.

This particular pair of jeans came in standard sizes. In a lot of trousers, I am usually a size 10 which is what I picked. I do wear it with a belt, so I might have been able to have gone a size down. However with a belt, and when it has clothes tucked in it fits great. Whilst I'm not sure if this particular style is still in (similar here), sizing down might be something to think about when trying similar styles from H&M

Also, a lot of the pieces that I style it with and will be mentioning in the post I have owned for years, so I will try and link similar options if they are not available. 


When I first got these jeans, it was still cold outside so I would style these with jumpers. I mentioned in a previous fashion post that I bought these jeans after seeing them styled on a mannequin with a navy jumper and a belt which I ended up purchasing as well. I would say that this is still my most work outfit with the jeans. I just love how it looks together. Whoever styled the mannequin needs to be my on-hand stylist!

I’ve worn it with other jumpers, including my favourite red New Look jumper (similar here), and some slightly thinner ones that are also from H&M. I have also worn it recently with my mustard H&M jumper (see here paired with my ASOS spotty trousers). 

Top wise, you could wear this with anything. Short or long-sleeved. For the most casual looks, I will wear my Stan Smith's but I will wear them with boots as well. 


For me, the easiest way to make these jeans work for smarter occasions is to wear them with one of my pairs of boots. Whether it is my plain pointed boots from Primark (similar here), or my slightly fancier silver buckle boots from ASOS (similar here), the boots just add something smarter to an outfit. 

My most used way is to pair with a black poloneck. Paired with the jeans and boots, it just gives this almost Parisian work-chic look. I mentioned on my Instagram yesterday that I have wanted to find a way to style a velvet jacket that my Nana used to own and I think these jeans work with it perfectly. 

Whilst it is getting a bit warm for it now, I loved pairing it with my leopard print coat (similar here) which helps make many outfits feel a little more glam! 


Here are some of the outfits that I have worn with these jeans, but keep a look out on my Instagram because they always be popping up now and again! 

How do you style your fave pair of jeans?

Ellyn xx

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  1. Great post - I have a few H&M Divided shirts, but I should definitely check out their jeans next time I stop by the store. Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna ♥
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