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NARS has been one of my favourite high end brands for a while now. In the last year, NARS opened a counter in my local department store! Good news for me, bad news for my wallet! As it is so much closer to my house, it has given me the opportunity to try out more things from the brand and I've managed to find a select few products which I absolutely love. I have done a similar post to this with my products from Benefit Cosmetics - let me know if there are any brands you would like to see me do a post like this for, high street or high end. Here are my top five picks from NARS!

413 BLKR Illuminator

Liquid illuminators are an easy way to achieve a gorgeous glow to the skin. Whether worn alone or mixed in with a foundation, they give the most natural highlight. I have grown a small collection of illuminators now, and this is one of the most used. It provides a little shimmer, but in a more natural way - we're not all fans of the Instagram highlight!

This particular illuminator was limited edition I believe as it is no longer on their website. At the moment it looks like they only have more blush-like illuminators, but I'm sure more will be arriving soon. 

Every brand seems to have an iconic shade, and some even bring out more beauty products around it such as Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk Collection. NARS is no exception - with Orgasm. I believe it initally started with the Orgasm blush but NARS has extended the range, including Super Orgasm which now also has an extended range.

I really like the blush. The main difference that I noticed between Super Orgasm and Orgasm, is that Super Orgasm has less inbuilt shimmer, but contains glitter. However you don't end up looking like you dunked your face in glitter, but leaves a light dusting across the cheek. It is also a bit brighter than the orginal, so it might work on more skin-tones. 

Since purchasing this, I can only think of a few times when I have not used this to prime my eyes. I have worn shimmery eyeshadows and had no issue at all with creasing. I have a slightly hooded eyes so previously I avoid shimmery eyeshadows without a set base with powder because of this  but with this primer, it stays put – without the need to set it first! 

I have the original, and whilst it does come out white, it does blend out to be translucent on the eyelid but it also comes in a few tinted versions if you prefer. 

Come on, this had to be in the list. I probably go on way too much on my blog but I can't help it. It's just too good! No surprises here. Even though I’ve tried a lot of liquid lipsticks since I first tried the Powermattes, I still love using these. American Woman is my stand-out favourite – I even have a travel size of this now. It is a gorgeous dusty chestnut-rose and just looks so pretty! I hope this shade never gets discontinued, I could see myself repurchasing this for the rest of my life!

If you have not tried these, you need too! I have had mine for well over a year, and I have still not finished it. So if you are worried about spending £20+ on a liquid  lipstick, you get your money's worth out of this bad boy.

If you are not a fan of matte lipsticks, I would recommend trying out the Audacious line. I have four shaedes, but my favourite is the shade Audrey, which is a gorgeous slightly-warm Burgundy. It is super pigmented and feels really nice on the lips as it has a more satin-like finish. Whilst I still prefer a matte finish, it’s nice to have a great looking lipstick, for when I feel like giving my lips a break from all the matte formulas!

There are 46 shades in total, and what I love most is that each shade is named after a woman. The lipsticks are also magnetic so you can stack them all together easily!

Have you tried any of these products from NARS?

Ellyn xx

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  1. Love this! I have only tried the creamy concealer so far but have a sheer glow foundation sample on its way to me. I also want to try the climax mascara and laguna bronzer & orgasm blush!

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin


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