Blog Update - Planning That Content

It’s scary to think that we are already a third through 2019. I say it every month but I can never believe how quickly each month goes. Last year I wrote monthly goals posts, but I felt like they were not very usual or working out. So instead, I have decided to do an update post every four months, to see how it went but also with goals for the next, giving myself longer to work towards. Blogging has such a large community aspect so it’s fun to check in and read about how everyone is doing. This is what has happened for me so far!

New Way Of Planning

Since I started this new way of planning my content for my blog and Instagram (see post here), I have seen a definite increase in my views. By viewing the whole month, I am able to visualise how many posts I need, and be able to plan ahead more effectively. It has also made sure I keep track of sharing my posts on all my social media platforms, especially Pinterest.

On the ideas side, writing down ideas and including brief notes of what I want to talk about within the post has really helped. It has allowed me to be more focused, but also allows me to adapt and move content around. I have also been able to post more fashion content as well! 

Posting on Instagram

Since I started planning my Instagram content, I have only missed two days. Similarly to the blog, having the whole month written out has helped. I also include special days, and regular posts (e.g blog posts, outfits) which has really helped with planning. It means that there really is only two days of the week that I have to think of separate content for. 

Like with the blog planning, my ideas page has also been really helpful. I split it into makeup, fashion and lifestyle and I can jot down lots of ideas when they come to me. 

Instagram Gifted Post

As I mentioned in my January round-up, I was approached by HD Brows who asked if they could send me one of their Pro Fix Full Coverage Concealer and if I could share on my Instagram. I still use the concealers intermittently with my other concealers so I am so glad that they reached out to me. 

What I Want To Achieve Next

As always, I would love to continue to grow and improve my blog. At the moment, I am not in the financial position to do a lot more with my blog, particularly in terms of SEO and a few other things, but I am hoping that if I can’t fully complete them, I can at least make steps.

One thing I really want to be doing is working with brands. Whilst I have had my content shared by mentioned brands, I would love to actually work with them. If you have any advice, I would really appreciate it.

Have you achieved any goals with your content?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I need to get into the habit of planning my content out, I find it easier with instagram than on my actual blog

  2. I plan content using a spreadsheet on my Google docs and it is honestly a God -send!

    Instagram is usually once a day when I wake up (between 6-10am), twitter is usually 3 promotional to my twitter, then on different groups throughout the day, and Facebook is once when the post comes out. I need to start using FB more to promote than I currently do!

    - Nyxie


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