My Hair Care Routine - March 2019

Two years ago, I posted my hair care routine. Like with all my beauty routines, I like to switch up the products I am using regularly to help maintain the look I am going for. This is particularly prevalent for hair. Many of us use specific hair care products, whether its to reduce frizz, split ends, protect your colour etc. You don’t want your hair to become used to the products that they no longer work. So the products that I have used in my hair care routine have changed a few times, so I thought I would update you on my current routine.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Virtue’s Recovery Shampoo & Conditioner 

At the moment, my regular shampoo and conditioner is the Recovery set from Virtue. I was given these whilst at Grazia, and I will be honest and say that I am not sure if I would purchase them with my own money as they are quite expensive. I have quite thick hair, so I go through shampoo and especially conditioner very quickly, so I am not sure I could justify spending over £30 for one of these.

However the actual formula is nice, as I use a lot of heat on my hair it is nice to use some hair care products that will give my hair a little love. It is also cruelty-free. 

Every so often I like to use a clarifying shampoo to essentially give my hair a fresh start and get rid of any build-up. I’ve tried a few over the years but at the moment I am really enjoying the Noughty Detox Dynamo Clarifying Shampoo. What I like about this is that is does not contain any sulphates, silicones or parabens but still gives your hair a good old clean.

I think when my Virtue’s run out, I am going to try out some of the other shampoos and conditioners, especially the frizz free range – let me know if you have tried it!

Hair Styling

I have used a frizz-reducing serum in my hair for years. It is the longest-standing styling product in my routine. I used to use the John Frieda Frizz Ease serum (extra strength because not about that frizzy life) but I am currently using this one from L’Oreal.

It is a lot more liquidy in texture than Frizz Ease, which I think makes it a lot easier to apply. Frizz Ease had to be applied to properly wet hair so you couldn’t always tell if you have massaged it all in. This can be applied to towel dried hair. It also lasts a lifetime. I have had this for ages and I’m only about a quarter through – so be ready to be fully invested in this product.

As I said my hair is very thick so any extra hydration and nourishment I can give it is a must. I also use both a hairdryer and a straightener every time I do my hair, so it needs to be protected. This cream does both. I’m not sure if it actually does anything for split ends but I still like it.

It can also be applied on dry hair! So many heat protectant products have to be applied on wet/towel dried hair, which is a bit of a pain when you want to top-up your straightening during the week.

I wash my hair once a week. I am too lazy and its too much effort to do it more than that. There are even some days where I go two weeks without washing it. Whilst I am thankful that having such thick hair, I can get away with it – a little dry shampoo does help!

I am still using my Batiste Luxe Dry Shampoo which I don’t think is available anymore. It smells like perfume but it is probably going to run out soon. Let me know your favourite dry shampoos!

As I said at the top, I switch out these products regularly, but still within the same theme. I'm always interested in trying some new products, so let me know your recommendations!

Whats in your hair care routine?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I absolutely adore Noughty hair care! Their products are amazing!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan


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