My Favourite Fragrances - Roses All The Way

Take time to smell the roses. Literally in my case. I love a rose perfume, I don’t think I actually own one that doesn’t have at least a hint of rose. Or something extremely familiar to it. I used to love all those sickly sweet body sprays, but once rose was introduced to my life, the sicklys went and the rose stayed. I go between all four of these, some to the extent where someone will know exactly what perfume I am wearing.

Top Notes: Clove
Heart Notes: Damask Rose
Base Notes: Oud

For my 21st birthday, my lovely mother took me to our local Jo Malone counter for one of their fragrance consultations, we both got a hand massage and to choose our own fragrance. Unsurprisingly I fell for a fragrance with rose. I’m also now a big fan of Oud as well! (Does anything else hear Oud, and automatically think of the creatures from Doctor Who, just me? Ok.)

I ran out of my smaller size, and my wonderful parents got me the full-sized for Christmas, which I was not expecting – I made my mum purchase the smaller size because it is so expensive! But it lasts a lifetime! 

Rosie by Autograph Nuit Eau de Parfum

Top Notes: Bergamot, Pink Peony, Blackcurrant 
Heart Notes: Centifolia Rose, Jasmine, Freesia, Lily Of The Valley
Base Notes: Violet, Blonde Woods, Musk

This is one of the best ‘high street’ fragrances out there. Whilst labelled as a night fragrance, I wear it during the day as well. I just adore heavy, rose scents. I also love the packaging. It is the most unique of all these fragrances, probably as it has a lot more florals and other scents built into it.

It is also the cheapest, but I can’t see it on the M&S website, I really hope it has not been discontinued as I just adore it!

Top Notes: Peony
Heart: Rose Petals, Magnolia
Base: Cedar, Ambergris

This was my first proper perfume – you know the one you upgraded too after exploring all of Charlie and Impulse. If someone was to describe me in a fragrance, they would probably choose Chloe. This fragrance started my love affair with rose. It is such a classic scent, a little grandma-ish and heavy to some people, but I absolutely love it. 

I’ve now gone through about three bottles (I’m literally on the last legs of the bottle shown), but I’ve also had a bottle of the Fresh version, but I don’t think that’s around anymore. 

Top Notes: Blackcurrant Nectar
Heart Notes: Freesia, Rose of Mai
Base Notes: Blonde Wood

This is the newest addition to my fragrance wardrobe and I love it already. Whilst it carries a lot of the same notes as the Rosie by Autograph, it has its own distinct smell. I was very kindly given this as part of a leaving gift, but I can see this reappearing on my birthday or Christmas lists.

I love the simple and classic design of the bottle, it’s just so darn pretty to look at! I would say that this is the most subtle, and light of all these rose-based fragrances. So if that’s something you are wary about, this one might be a good one to check out. 

Fragrance is an extremely personal thing, so I can’t promise that everyone will love all these scents, I 
mean your favourite fragrance might be someone else’s least! 

However, if you are a fan of rose, I would recommend checking these out.

What’s your favourite fragrance?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I like the sound of the Jo Malone one! I also love Si. My favourite perfumes are the Daisy range by Marc Jacobs!

    Rhianna x


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