My November Goals

I really like setting myself these blogging goals every month and really helps me maintain my blog. This month, I am more determined to stick to my goals as I had another lack of inspiration and posting last month and it made me want to start November fresh and determination to complete these goals. I have also limited myself to only three proper goals this month in order to make sure I complete them, gives me more time to finish and put more effort into it. However I do like to have lifestyle goals as it also makes sure I stick to my new year's resolutions. Let's get into my goals.

Blogging Goals

Continue to grow social media

This is something that I’ve mentioned a lot in my previous goals posts but let’s be frank, a substantial social media following is helpful in the blogging world that just continues to get bigger and bigger. It is hard to make a splash in a big pond when you are a little fish. On a personal level, I also want to be sharing my love and passion for makeup, fashion and lifestyle with as many people as possible.

As well as posting and sharing my content as always, I want to do more with my social media and engage more with viewers. Whilst I always try to reply to comments, I want to engage with others ways so if you have any tips, please let me know in the comments below.

Post everyday on Instagram

Whilst I was quite good at posting on Instagram during the working week, I found that Saturday’s were the only day where I would struggle to find content. Occasionally I would have an outfit or a smoothie bowl to post. However recently I have had a lull where I have been good at posting during the week either so that is definitely something that I want to get back on track on.

I do have a vague schedule of what I try to post every day, but not on what the content actually includes. I think it will help me maintain posting everyday if I know exactly what I am planning. That is something I do at work for their social, and I think it will work for me and my social media.

Plan my content better

Like I mentioned last month, my blog views had decreased this year in comparison to last year and I have really wanted to get it back up there again. I have found that when I don’t plan ahead with my content, I end up sitting around for ages trying to find something to write about and that’s when I give up posting. I hate it when I do not have a full set of posts for the month.

In the last few months I have been looking up how other people plan their content and it is giving me ideas about how I can improve mine. It will also make it easier to maintain when I am working full-time and don’t have a lot of time during the working week to sit around for ages trying to come up with ideas. It will also result in better, more engaging content as well.

Lifestyle Goals

My lifestyle goals are pretty much the same as every other month as I have not really completed any of them in the way that I wanted. I want to get back into fitness, read more books, meet up with friends and keep them all up.

So those are my goals for the month, I really hope that next month, I can let you know that I did in fact achieve those goals.

What are you goals for the month?

Ellyn xx

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  1. You'll ace it! I hope you grow your social media but remember not to beat yourself up about it if it doesn't grow as quickly as you want it to - I find Instagram is such a fickle thing at the moment and one day one thing works, and the next day it totally bombs!

    Rhianna x

  2. Great goals! I struggle with posting to social media too. I hope November goes well for you!


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