Four Routines I Want To Stick To

Now I have never been a truly organised person. I am quite messy, but one thing I at least try to stick to is a routine. There are some routines that I will always stick too - I have a getting ready routine that I have stuck to since secondary school which has meant I have always had time to spare before I have to leave. However, there also some routines that I am less stringent on, and I will end up not doing for weeks. In today’s post, I thought it would be interesting to talk about what beauty and lifestyle routines that I am rubbish at, but would like to stick too. Maybe writing about it will give me an incentive to keep to them!

Routine - Completing My Bullet Journal Everyday

Problem: I’ve mentioned in my both of my goals post in August and September that I was not using my bullet journal as much and had really wanted to get back into it. Now I have been getting back into using it by making sure I create all my spreads, but there are still some days when I forget to use it - particularly the trackers, which can make it hard to fill out trying to remember if I did certain things on certain days.

Solution: One way I am thinking about solving it, is deliberately setting out time every morning and evening to plan my day, and complete these trackers. With trackers, I think I need to put in realistic things that I could actually complete everyday. 

Routine - Sticking and Completing an Evening Skincare Routine

Problem: I am terrible at sticking to a skincare routine, and I think its out of habit. I never had a problem with teenage spots and it always felt like that was what skincare routines were for dealing with. Whilst I am quite good at sticking to a morning skincare routine, I am rubbish at evening skincare. Most days I end up just taking off my makeup with micellar water and go straight into bed. I know, it's terrible.

Solution: I recently re-purchased my favourite Superdrug hydrating serum, and as there was a 3 for 2 offer on, I thought I would try out the night serum. I am hoping that this will inspire me to keep using it every night. I am also going to put a reminder on my phone, to help start me getting into the regular routine of using it everyday.

Routine - Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

Problem: I really only use brushes when doing my makeup, and I probably do not clean them enough. In fact, it might even only be once a month. Now whilst when I chose to switch up what eyeshadows I am using, there often isn’t a clean makeup brush to use. Also let’s be frank, it’s a little gross to be putting on makeup everyday with the same brush I used the day before - we wouldn’t do that with some items of clothing now would we.

Solution: Set a time every week to clean my brushes. Cleaning brushes is a bit of a faff, and it’s not something I want to be doing every time I put makeup on, but I should definitely start doing it once a week. 

Routine - Completely finishing my make-up

Problem: Now this is probably the least important but if you follow me on Instagram, I post what make-up I’m wearing that day. However when I post the photo, I have not always put my lipstick on yet, I often chuck in the lipstick I actually are planning to wear, but sometimes I forget to put it on. This also happens on other days of the week. Now whilst it is silly to be bothered but as a makeup lover, blogger and a person with too many lipsticks - I really need to start wearing them so they are not wasted.

Solution: Put lipstick on. I literally don’t think there is anything else. 

So these are the current routines that I am trying to get back into and sticking to. It will be interesting to see if I can stick to these routines, I might post an update to these either in another blog or on Twitter. 

Are there any routines that you don’t always stick to?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I also need to stick to cleaning my makeup brushes more, I love routines- such a routine based girl! x


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