My August Goals

I know we all say this at the start of every month, but I really cannot believe that it is already August! I thought about doing another round-up post for July, but as it is the 1st when I am posting this, I thought it would make more sense to start with a goals post. If you are interested, I might do a end of month follow-up, to look at if I achieved any of these goals. I decided to split it into blogging and life goals, with three within each as I felt like this would be the most achievable. Let's hope that I can stick to them!

Blogging Goals
Finding A New Planning Routine
Recently I have been very lax with how I planned my blog content, with a lot of posts being decided, shot and written all on the day it was due to be published. So I am determined to not only get ahead with posts, but also have a blogging plan that will help me maintain and get all my content done on time. If you have a favourite way of planning your own content, let me know in the comments. 

Publish All Posts

Last month I missed publishing a couple of posts, and whilst for one I had an extenuating health reason as to why I could not publish, but the other was just a lack of inspiration. Keeping up with content helps me grow and develop my content. Even if I post it later in the day than usual this month I really want to publish nine blog posts.

Grow My Social Media
As many of us do, I want to keep growing my social media. On Instagram, I try to post every day and I found creating some of kind theme for each day has helped. This has in turn seen my Instagram grow, but I want it to keep growing. I have also shared all my content on my Facebook page, and would love to grow that platform as well.

Life Goals
Read at least two books on holiday
I am going away next week to visit our family in Mallorca, and it is finally time to get back on track with one of my resolutions - reading books! I have always found it easier to plough through books when I am on holiday. To make up for a lack of reading, I want to get through a minimum of two books whilst on holiday, and that's only because I am away for a week. I am then away at the end of the month for another family holiday, so hopefully I could get through a couple more of them as well. 

Get Back On Track With My Bullet Journal
Although it is not as bad as my lack of reading, last month's bullet journalling was a little lax. In my current job, I found my bullet journal wasn't helping but I plan to use it now to plan the rest of my life, and especially to help with my blog. Although two of these weeks will not be used, I am just not going to include those weeks, so it will feel more complete.

Meet Up With Friends
I have also been a little lax with organising meet-ups with friends, and as we are having a surprisingly hot summer, it would be nice to meet up with some friends for some post-work drinks in the evening sun! 

So these are my blogging and life goals for August, as I said earlier, if you have a particular favourite way of planning your content, please let me know in the comments.

What are your goals for August?

Ellyn xx

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  1. Good luck with all your August plans! You can do it! It's a bit of a pain when you're having on off day but consistency is key :)

  2. You took the first step towards your goal! Now, good luck!

  3. Ambitious goals but being in Mallorca ought to provide some lovely inspiration! Have a great vacation!
    Joan Senio

  4. I have never been one to set monthly goals but after reading this post I think it is time to start! :) Best of luck! Xoxo

  5. Love it!!! I’ll need to learn about that bullet journal!!

  6. I'll be sharing my goals on my blog next week so I think that's been pushing me to see what other people have planned for August. As far as hitting publish goes, don't beat yourself up if you don't make that goal. You're sharing you didn't have the inspiration last month - if you notice that's a trend this month maybe you need to reflect on what type of content is motivating you so you can bring that energy to the front. Good luck!

    Olli -

  7. Haha I think it's in our nature to question where the heck the month has gone! I certainly can't believe it's bloody AUGUST already! I don't have any goals for this month but best of luck with yours, I'm sure you'll do great! :)


  8. They sound like really good goals! Don't overwhelm yourself too much with the blogging goals though, just go with what you can do! xxx

  9. Loved this post! I think I might dip back into the bullet journalling life! Have a lovely month and a wonderful holiday! xx

    Jessica //

  10. I love reading other people's goals. I always try and stay one week ahead with my blogging schedule but life just gets in the way sometimes. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself :)

  11. These are great goals! I was on holiday there for two weeks, and the general relaxing atmosphere made gave me more inspiration and more motivation when I came back. I hope the same goes for you! Also love the aesthetic of your blog.


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