A Week In Lipstick: National Lipstick Day

If you did not know, today is National Lipstick Day! As a lipstick lover, I knew that I had to write something about it. I pondered about what to write for this post, and I ended up deciding on a lipstick diary! Everyday from Monday to Friday, once back from work, I wrote about what lipstick I had chosen to wear that day and why. I made sure to choose a different lipstick for everyday. Sometimes I can be quite lazy with my lipstick, if I am in a rush, I might skip it all together, but it was actually quite fun, choosing a lipstick everyday and putting it on. Now I made sure to not make it a whole week of liquid lipsticks, but there are a few - I just can't help it! Let's find out what I wore!


I decided to start the week of with one of my new favourite nude liquid lipsticks. I went with a nude as I was wearing a blue top, and had gone with my Urban Decay Naked Heat palette for my eyeshadow so I thought a nude would be the best fit. As usual, I paired it with the Color Sensational Shaping Lipliner in Dusty Rose also from Maybelline. It pairs really nicely, and although they are not an exact colour match, it is pretty close. 

I mentioned in my first impressions post that whilst it is a pretty good long-lasting, after eating it can start to disappear in the middle but this is commonplace with many nude lipsticks, both liquid and regular. I am not that bothered and will happily re-apply if I am wearing it on a night out or to a party or event. If I am just at home or work, then I am not that bothered. 


I was planning on a brighter lip today, but I was having one of those, I can’t find any clothes in my wardrobe days and the top I ended up going with was dark grey. I then could not decide on what shade of bright lipstick would go well with it so I just decided to go with another nude. This time, I went with the MUFE Artist Matte Liquid Lipstick in 105. This is a darker, slightly more cool-toned nude.

Along with the NARS Powermattes, the Artist Liquid Lipstick is the best liquid lip I have tried thus far. Even if you are not always a fan of matte formulas, you should give this try. It does not feel like a matte lipstick. It also has great staying power as well. I really want to get some more shades of this, but I think I own enough liquid lipsticks now. 


Topshop Lipstick in All About Me
Just like the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette, this lipstick has been one that I have been wanting to start using again. This was one of my favourite lipsticks for ages, I just loved the bright colour of it. It was also a beautiful pink that was not too blue-toned, so I found it suited me too. Sadly I do not have a lipliner to match this colour, so I went with MAC Lip Pencil in Soar.

Sadly this is no longer part of Topshop’s makeup range, and I should probably throw this away, but it is just too pretty and to be honest, it doesn’t smell bad or changed consistency so I think I’ll survive!


Today I wore my favourite mint green midi skirt, and because it is green, it can be a hard colour to pair a lipstick with. However, I did not want to wear another nude so instead I went with a pink – with a little something extra special, it’s metallic. I choose the shade Cannes as it shows off the metallic finish but is not as intense as the other shades, so I won’t get any strange looks. 

I find that the pigment in this is better than many of the original Soft Matte Lip Creams, particularly the lighter shades, that being said, they are still pretty easy liquid lipsticks to work with. Overall, if you are looking to step up your lipstick game, and don’t want to go down the road of wearing crazy colours, this might be a fun one to try!


Now I could not finish the week without a red lip! Today I was planning on wearing a new midi dress (side note – I can’t believe I finally found one that I love!), however with the threat of thunderstorms today, I thought I would go for another outfit! I still wanted a pop of red to match the lip so I wore my H&M quote top, which I also wore in my summer morning routine post. Now I have a few red lipsticks, but I thought I had to go with a classic. Ruby Woo!

I wore MAC Cherry Lipliner underneath to have the perfect base. Ruby Woo is a cult lipstick and is such a classic shade that I really think can look good on everyone. Ruby Woo does have quite an intense matte formula, especially for a traditional lipstick, but I still find it easy to apply and in comparison, to if it were a liquid formula, it is comfortable to wear. 

So these are the lipsticks that I wore in celebration of National Lipstick Day! I have not decided what lipstick I will be wearing today - maybe Ruby Woo!

What's your favourite lipstick?

Ellyn xx

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  2. Love NARS lipsticks - I've used several, and they never disappoint!

    1. I definitely want to try out more of their range!

      Ellyn xx | Life Of A Beauty Nerd


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