Summer Beauty - Four Of My Must Haves!

Out of all the seasons, I feel that it is the summer that many of will have a persistent beauty routine, in hair, skin and make-up. Whether you are prepping for a holiday, or just want to protect yourself from the warm sunny rays, we all have products that we love to use. In today's post, I am going to talk about four products that I always have in my summer beauty routine. Now the actual brand of product might change, but the type doesn't. In this post, these are all products within this type that I have been using recently and loving. Now I do use some of these products all year round, but for me, I find they reach their most importance in the summer months.

Obviously you should always be wearing an SPF in the summer. I have tried using sun creams that I would use on my body, on my face in the past and it has always felt gross so when I received this Polaar Sun Fluid in my Birchbox, I was a little nervous at first. This feels amazing on the skin. It feels light enough that when I wear make-up on top of it, it doesn't feel like it is going to slide off my face. 

Unfortunately it is sold out on the Birchbox site at the moment, so let's hope my bottle lasts a little longer! It is £25 for the full 50ml bottle (for reference, the bottle I have is 20ml) which might be a little steep, but for the protection of your skin, I would say it is worth it. 

Now I always use a primer when doing my make-up, but I find in the summer it is even more essential. Especially when it gets hotter and hotter. Unless I am not leaving the house (or lying on a beach all day), I will wear a full face of make-up so I need something that will keep it all on. Recently I have flicking through a few different primers and one I have been going back to is this Rimmel primer. It gives the skin a nice glow to the skin, and does keep your make-up lasting well.

Now this does also have SPF in it, but if you have watched skincare guru Caroline Hiron's video with Dr Marko Lens, SPF in make-up is virtually pointless. So, you should still be using an SPF separate to make-up, or the rest of your skincare routine in fact. 

Sometimes, especially on the hotter days in the summer, I am not always a fan of a load of lipstick and lip liner on. In face, unless I am going out somewhere, I tend to just wear a lip balm. I start with a lip balm such as Vaseline whilst I am doing my make-up, and then I will either keep wearing it or the Pixi by Petra Shea Butter Lip Balms in Natural Rose or Honey Nectar.

I hate washing my hair in the summer. As I'm sure anyone else with dark or thick, or even both like me will understand. My hair is also frizzy, so I find I have to blow dry, and most often straighten my hair. So when its all hot, and my room feels like a million degrees, it's not very fun. However when I do wash my hair, I want to make sure that it stays well-nourished and protected. 

All the hair products that I use in my routine are always geared towards that purpose. Recently I have been using this new L'Oreal Elvive cream, and I have been really liking it. I like that it can be used on wet or dry hair, so I can always give my hair a mini pick-me-up. 

So these are four of my must-have products that I will be using this summer in my beauty routines. Are there any staples in your summer beauty routines?

Ellyn xx

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