Summer Nail Polishes - Red Fever

It's June and regardless of what the weather looks like, it is officially summer. One of my favourite posts to write every season is my nail polishes recommendations. One colour that will never go out of season every summer is red. It's sophisticated, sexy and there is a shade that will look great on everyone. Whether you are wearing it on your hands, or its peeking out on your feet in sandals, you can't go wrong with red. In today's post, I will be going through my collection and talk about what red nail polishes I will be wearing this summer. Remember, it is most important to find and wear shades that you like, so this isn't a must-have list.

In my opinion, the ultimate red nail polish. This is a classic which I think every nail polish lover should have in their collection. I love a good classic red, so this is definitely one of my most worn nail colours and will always repurchase. Like most of these nail polishes, I tend to wear this mostly on my feet as I love how this looks against my sandals. 

Now this is very similar to Fifth Avenue but I would say that Fifth Avenue is slightly more orange-toned. It would make a great dupe for Fifth Avenue but I could not find this online so it might have been limited edition or they do not make the shade anymore. This is the hardest to use, as it is a very small bottle so has quite a fine brush, but that might be good for anyone who has smaller nails.

Leighton Denny Gemstone Buzz
This is the darkest of all my red nail polishes so this is also a great one that can work all year round. Leighton Denny is becoming one of my favourite nail brands, not only for the polishes but also the speed dry spray, which I absolutely love! As I wear it all year around, I wear this on both hands and feet but during the summer months, I would mainly use it on the feet. 

Now this is coral. Which is not techically red but compared to other corals, this is more on the redder side. This is also one of my most favourite nail polishes. It has a gorgeous gold shimmer running through it which just looks absolutlely beautiful when reflected in the sun. I personally prefer to wear this on my hands, and only in the early summer days on my feet before I have got a tan. Not sure why, just prefer it that way.

I wasn't sure if you could still buy this individually as I thought it was from a collection, but I found a link to Selfridges.

One other nail polish that I will be wearing is the LOLA MAKE UP by PERSE Ultra Shine Nail Polish in Plum Pudding which is a very slightly pink-toned red. Not only did this dry really quickly, but it really did give a high-shine finish, even without a top-coat. Now you might have noticed that this is not in the photograph. I had lent this nail polish to my mum and when I was taking this photograph, it was with her in her travel bag at my nana's house. Clearly popular in my house.

So these are the red nail polishes that I will be going between this summer. As always, i would love to know if you have tried any of these nail polishes, or your own favourites if I have not listed them.

What colours will you be wearing on your nails this summer?

Ellyn xx

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