My Top Party Clothes Picks: Dresses & Jumpsuits

I cannot believe that it is December already. Christmas is so close! Christmas also means the party season is upon us and I'm sure many of you have your fair share of parties to go to. I love shopping for evening outfits and at Christmas, it is the best as so many brands bring out new party clothes or create specific collections with their stock which you might not have seen before. In today's post, I have scanned my favourite shops for party clothes (Topshop, New Look and H&M) and found some gorgeous party clothes that I think people would look amazing in this Christmas.

I have worn jumpsuits for evening events in the last year more than anything else. They are a great option for last minute events and I find all I then need to wear is shoes and a necklace and I am good to go.

What is also great, all of my picks aren't too tight fitting so one, you can still gorge on party food, and two, you can wear a pair of leggings underneath if it is particularly cold AND NO ONE WILL KNOW.

The first two jumpsuits are both from H&M. The green jumper is slightly more casual so it could also work as a day outfit for the office as well as for a night out. The red jumpsuit is off-the-shoulder so you would have to wear a strapless bra but I love the ruffle detailing and it is red which is still a staple colour of the season.

My third choice is a gorgeous metallic jumpsuit from New Look which reminded me of a Topshop jumpsuit that I love. It is also the cheapest at just under £20 which is an absolute bargain for a beautiful jumpsuit!

Two more fashion trends that are still doing the runs are pink and suits. I am slowly warming to pink, especially pale pinks and I think the Satin Plunge jumpsuit is absolutely gorgeous. Now it is a little boob-y and has a gorgeous cut out on the back so it would be a little fiddly to wear and you would definitely need a stick-on bra. It is beautiful though so I think it would be worth it.

The tuxedo jumpsuit also from Topshop is also a great way to embrace the suits/tailored outfits trend if you aren't sure if a suit is for you. It is also black which is a great staple to have in the wardrobe for occasion wear.
(Clockwise from top left) H&M Jumpsuit (£24.99), H&M Off-the-shoulder Jumpsuit (£24.99), New Look Black Metallic Plisse Wrap Front Jumpsuit (£19.99)Topshop Satin Plunge Jumpsuit (£65), Topshop Tuxedo Jumpsuit (£69)

There is a underlying theme to my dress picks which was actually completely unintentional. That theme is stars and sparkles. The only two that do not fit into that theme are the H&M long-sleeved velour dress and the Topshop jacquard plunge wrap dress.

I have always been a fan of velour or anything vaguely velvety as I think it looks super sleek and it feels really nice. The dress also pulls in at the waist (at least I think that is how you describe it) and it has a nice sexy feel that is not too much. The Topshop dress feels the most grown-up out of all the dresses. I love the colour and would look great alone but also with a sheer black top underneath.

Let's start with the stars! My absolute favourite pick is the Topshop asymmetrical Star plunge dress. Although I would prefer the bottom hem to be straight, I think this dress is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for parties!

The other starry dress is the black star mesh midi dress from New Look. I remember a dress from Topshop that a similar design (except without the stars) and that is what really attracted me to this dress. It is absolutely decked out in small stars which I am glad are also black as I think it would be way too much if they were another colour.

Now a Christmas party outfit post cannot be complete without some sparkles. The first sparkly dress is this gorgeous green number from H&M. I feel like green is a colour that does actually look great on almost everyone but I never really see it in the bigger trends.

The ultimate sparkly party dress has to be this sequin dress from Topshop. I mean, its got Disco in the name! It is the most expensive at £95 but I do think it is pretty fabulous. This dress can be worn alone or underneath a top, but I wouldn't wear this to a super formal event.
(Clockwise from top left) New Look Black Star Mesh Long Sleeve Midi Dress (£24.99), H&M Velour Dress (£34.99), H&M Sequined Dress (£59.99), Topshop Jacquard Plunge Neck Wrap Dress (£39), Topshop Disco Sequin Embellished Slip Dress (£95), Topshop Star Plunge Neck Asymmetric Hem Dress (£65)
So these are my top picks for Christmas party dresses and jumpsuits. When I was creating this post, some sizes were not available but I hope that they get re-stocked as I think all these clothes are stunning and would look amazing on so many people!

I hope you guys are having a great start to December (started listening to my Christmas music playlist on Friday and I am so happy!). As always, leave your thoughts in the comments section below and I will talk to you guys later in the next post!

Ellyn xx

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  1. Oooh some fab choice here Ellyn! I'm reusing my Christmas dress from last year as it fits the theme for my party this year, but I still have a couple more parties so some of the above looks perfect!

    1. I am always re-using party outfits - it's great when you find a staple!


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