From Day To Night: How I Change My Makeup For The Evening

Back in February I wrote a post all about my everyday makeup routine and at the start of April I updated that post with the new additions to the routine As nothing has changed to my everyday makeup, I thought I would write about what I change up for the evening! Now the only thing that really changes is I tend to go for darker eye makeup. My face makeup doesn't change with the slight exception that I sometimes put a little foundation on. I am not someone who can create the gorgeous smokey eye looks that you see all over YouTube so I like to go for looks that are simple but still show that I made a bit more effort. 

Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil in Golden Quartz
I received this as a Christmas gift from my sister as I had been wanting to try Charlotte Tilbury products for some time and I knew that she had brought out these pencils in shades to suit different eye colours. I asked for Golden Quartz which is the 'day' shade for hazel eyes. Now I am not sure if I would be brave enough to wear it during the day, unless as very smudged out eyeliner as it is quite dark. The pencil is very easy to blend but once it sets, it is staying! I tend to run it all across the lid and then blend out the edges as carefully as possible with my fingers and then run some bronzer through my crease as it also helps with any last blending and also does not look too strong in contrast to the lid. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette Eyeshadow in Smog
Smog is a beautiful dark warm almost bronze shade which I also had in another Urban Decay palette and I believe they sell it as an individual eyeshadow. Smog is a great eyeshadow to use in evening makeup if you already have day makeup on and you only have a few minutes to get ready. I have worn this eyeshadow many times over my day makeup and be set for the evening. It is also one of the most pigmented eyeshadows I have ever tried and for me, it is definitely the most pigmented eyeshadow out of the palette. I would say that I wear this eyeshadow for the evening more than the other two options.

Urban Decay Naked Palette Eyeshadows in Creep and Gunmetal
When getting ready for one of my closest friend's birthday parties, I took a risk and tried something completely new for my makeup. A vague smokey look. I wore Gunmetal all over the eye and then rather than doing my usual liquid eyeliner, I did my eyeliner shape with a eyeliner pencil. I then blended out the eyeliner with Creep. I really liked how it turned out and I think that this is how I will continue to do smokey looks with two different tones of the same shade. Obviously this is still a 'new' style of evening look for me but I can really see myself wearing it a lot more in the future. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I would love to hear how you change up your makeup from day to night - do you only change your eyes or do you go for a full on new look! Please leave any thoughts or requests in the comment section, I would really appreciate it as it helps me keep my content relevant and tailored to my audience!

Ellyn xx

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  1. My easiest day to night change is just to go from a neutral lip to a bright red! x

    1. I do that sometimes as well depending on the occasion - it is incredible how a lipstick or lip colour can change the mood of your makeup! X


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