A Bridge Over Casual Waters

Although I am much more of a 'beauty' than 'fashion' person, I love reading and scrolling through fashion spreads both in magazines and on blogs. I have done a few fashion posts on this blog but I have never done a proper fashion shoot.. until now! My wonderful best friend Hannah agreed to take some outfit pictures for me so we went town to one of the bridges that go over train tracks near where I live. I thought the background of the bridge really fitted with the more casual vibe of this outfit. I hope you like these pictures and I would love to hear any tips and tricks to improve my fashion posts!


Coat: H&M (old)
Jumper: Topshop (old)
Jeans: Topshop (Mine were in the sale but they still sell them here)
Shoes: Adidas Stan Smiths (old)
Bag: Zatchels

For the last few months, I have really into non-skinny fit jeans. My current favourite fit is straight leg. I really love this straight leg jeans from Topshop, I also nabbed them in the post-Christmas sale for only £15! They are a washed black and have a raw hem which I think really help further the casual-ness of this look.

I love wearing these Adidas Stan Smiths - they belonged to my sister when she was in high school and she stopped wearing them, I found out about a year ago that they fitted me and I have been wearing them ever since! Although some people can be very protective about keeping white shoes white, I really love how beaten up they look. 

The white jumper was so comfortable when I first got it - it was so nice and had that almost fluffy feeling that new jumpers have. Unfortunately after washing it, it lost all that and I don't wear it as much anymore. However, I felt that the over-sized fit worked against the jeans and tied in with the white trainers. 

I love this coat and I wear it so much. I have had it so long that there is a hole in one of the pockets that my NYX Lip Lingerie was traveled all away around the inside of the coat to the other side. I bought this coat in a size up so it would fit over all types and thicknesses of clothing. It is a great alternative to a black coat that can be worn for both casual and more formal occasions. I don't think H&M make this coat anymore so I will be wearing it until there are no pockets at all - and even then I might not throw it out!

The satchel I received as a present from my parents after either my GCSEs or A-Levels.. I can't remember which one! I love using my satchels when I am leaving the house as it carries all the essentials and doesn't get in my way. Also I can only carry a certain amount of things so it is quite useful for when I am going out, knowing I cannot take everything with me. I would recommend getting a satchel from a brand like Zatchels or the Cambridge Satchel Company because whilst they are a little more pricey than other high street stores, you will have a piece that will last so it is definitely worth it.

I hope you liked my first outfit shoot! I would like to thank Hannah again for her help and as I said, I would love to hear any tips and advice for any future fashion posts!

Also I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

Ellyn xx

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