Review of theBalm 'The Manizer Sisters' Palette

I mentioned in my current makeup routine that I was not a big fan of the highlighter that I was using and I've been trying to find a new highlighter. One highlighter that I was keen to try was the Mary-Lou Manizer from theBalm. When I was on FeelUnique to buy a new cleanser, I found theBalm have a palette which contains all three of the Manzier sisters - Mary-Lou, Cindy-Lou and Betty-Lou.

(L-R) Betty-Lou, Cindy-Lou, Mary-Lou
I love this palette! The Mary-Lou Manzier is probably my favourite out of the three because when I have passed a mirror and caught the light - dang that cheek is glowing!! It also lasts really well and does not need to be touched up. I would definitely recommend this highlighter if you are going somewhere where you will be out a long time because it will last!

I often combine Cindy-Lou and Betty-Lou on one brush to act as a extra glowing blush as Betty-Lou is too dark for a highlighter on my skin-tone and it does state that Betty-Lou is the bronzing bandit. I would like to know if any readers out there with dark skin tones, if you have used Betty-Lou as a highlighter because if it is anything like Mary-Lou, you will also be glowing!! Cindy-Lou is definitely the least shimmery and glowy but I actually don't mind that because it helps tone down your cheeks from glowing a little too much. It does still give your cheeks a bit of glow but it is definitely a blush and not a highlight.

I am really loving using this palette in my makeup routine and I will definitely purchase the Mary-Lou Manizer in its single pan. The palette is currently out of stock on the FeelUnique website but if you keep an eye on it, I would nab one straight away!

Ellyn xx

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