My Travel Bucket List

Now I have been very lucky to have visited a lot of countries in my life thus far. I have been as close as Scotland, France and as far as Australia and Canada. However, there are still a few places I really want to visit in the future and hopefully will get too! This list may expand in the future so if you are interested, I will update this in the future

I am desperate to visit the beautiful city of Berlin! I am a huge German history nerd and I still can't believe that I still haven't been to Germany!

Munich is another city in Germany that the history nerd inside of me is desperate to visit! Munich is also famous for its culture (particularly is you like beer!) and from the look of the picture, it looks really beautiful!

St. Petersburg
Although I prefer German history, I am also partial to a bit of Russian history. The first city I would like to visit in the future is St. Petersburg. As well as being packed with history (its been renamed three times in the 20th century alone!), the city is absolutely beautiful and I would love to see it in person

I also really want to visit Moscow! The Kremlin is such an infamous building and I would love to see it and have my picture with it!

New York
Now, what girl doesn't want to go to New York! My sister and I really want to visit New York whenever my family next go to America. We have been to Florida before, but I didn't get the chance to do much shopping and I would love to go on a New York spending spree!

Los Angeles
Although I am more desperate to visit New York, I would love to visit Los Angeles and just California in general in the future!

Washington D.C.
I would also like to visit D.C, mainly to see the White House obviously! It's such a significant building and again, I would love to have my picture taken outside it - gotta take a peak at the President's pad!

Ellyn xx


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