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Today's post is all about my all-time favourite songs and albums. Although I go through phases with different songs, this songs will always get featured whenever I make a long playlist. Some are old favourites and some are fairly new but in all honesty, I love them as much as the old ones and they will definitely become a long-lasting favourite! Now this does not include my favourite old classics or any new favourites but I might do those in the future!

Gavin DeGraw - I Don't Want to Be, Soldier, Not Over You, Best I Ever Had, Make a Move Albums - Sweeter and Make a Move
Now if you are a fan of One Tree Hill then the name Gavin DeGraw should ring a bell! One Tree Hill introduced me to the music of this man and I have definitely become a fan of his music. I feel like his style of music as a whole is a blend of rock, blues with a sprinkling of pop and country although this can vary from song to song.

Avicii - Levels, I Could Be The One, Albums - True
Avicii or Tim Berling to give his real name, is definitely my favourite electronic/DJ style artist. I was first introduced to Avicii in sometime after September 2011 after I had started sixth form college and his song Levels almost became the theme song for our college friendship group. The music is great for any kind of occasion in my opinion, its great to dance to, work out to and it's just good anytime music in my opinion.

The 1975 - Chocolate, The City, Albums - The 1975
Although my sister had been listening to this band since they first emerged onto the scene, I only started properly listening to this band this year. Although they are an indie rock band, I feel like when I started listening to their music, they were pretty mainstream and most of you have properly already heard their music.

The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die
This song also came from listening to my sister's music. The Pretty Reckless are a rock band headed by Taylor Momsen who rose to fame through her acting performances in The Grinch but probably more notably from Gossip Girl. I have listened to other songs from The Pretty Reckless but this is definitely my favourite from the band.

Switchfoot - Dare You to Move
This song is also a One Tree Hill music find. This song was the backing music to the first kiss of my favourite couple from One Tree Hill - Nathan Scott and Haley James or Naley as they are best known as!

Sia - Chandelier
I have listened to songs that Sia had been featured on in the past but this was the first song of her own that I have been obsessed with! I also watch Dance Moms so when I heard that Maddie Ziegler from the show was in the video I decided to check it out and fell in love with the song. I will say though, if you listen very carefullt to what the lyrics of the song are, it's definitely not a fully positive song haha

MIKA - Grace Kelly, Lollipop, Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), Love Today, Billy Brown, Popular Song (feat. Ariana Grande), Albums - Life in Cartoon Motion
If you met pre-teen and young-teen Ellyn and stole her CD collection, this would have been missed the most! I was obsessed with MIKA when I was younger and I still find myself playing this songs today. They are all so up-beat, chilled and fun songs to listen to. I haven't listened to much of his music since but when he released the track Popular Song with Ariana Grande, the love for his music was revitalised and I'm also a massive fan of the musical Wicked so that song is a definite plus!

What are your all-time favourite songs and/or albums?

Ellyn xx

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