Getting Nude without Getting Naked?

I think it is fair to say that every person on the planet who has some form of love for makeup will own at least one or more neutral palettes. They are versatile, great for travelling and for sorting out a day or night look if you don't have much time to fiddle around. When Urban Decay released any of their notorious Naked palettes, there is mass hysteria and everyone wants to own one.

Now as much as I love makeup, I do find it quite hard to fork out £30+ for a makeup palette so when I can find a dupe, I will go for the dupe and save myself the money. So in the spirit of this, today's post is on a high-street/drugstore dupe for each one of the Naked palettes (excluding the Basic and Flushed). I would also note that these palettes might not be available to you if you live outside of the UK.

Naked 1 Dupe - MUA Undressed Palette (the black palette)
Now although it doesn't really look like it, I really love this dupe. Despite being ridiculously cheaper than the original Naked palette, the colour pay-off and lasting power of these shadows is impressive. I found that the darker shimmery shades in this palette do have a slight edge over the lighter colours. The two matte colours in this palette also have good pay-off but again I do find the darker matte to be slighter better. Get it here!

Naked 2 Dupe- MUA Undressed Me Too Palette (the white palette)
Out of the two MUA Undressed palettes, this has definitely seen more love. I love the three matte shades in this palette and I think I just prefer the tones in this palette. Similar to the original MUA palette, the colour pay-ff and lasting power is just as impressive. I would even say that the colour pay-off in this palette is better and this is especially noticeable in the matte shades. I also like that this palette has white packaging because although it does get very grubby, I don't have another palette that it white so it is easy to find in the morning. Get it here!

Naked 3 Dupe - w7 In The Nude Palette
I recieved this palette as a Christmas present from my best friend Hannah so I'm not sure where she could this for me. So far I can only find eBay links so you might have to do a bit of digging around if you are interested in this palette. This palette is arguably the closest dupe in the sense of the range of colours and the packaging. Although I haven't used it massively as we only exchanged presents at New Year (Hannah and I are amazing at organisation... not) but so far, I am enjoying the palette. I also like the brush it comes with. However, this palette definitely has the weakest colour pay-off of the three, but I would still say for a drugstore alternative it is still pretty good

What's your favourite Naked palette and if you've tried any of these dupes, what do you think of them?


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