Are You Bad At Sticking To Beauty Routines?

My name is Ellyn, and I am bad at sticking to beauty routines. I've written three posts about this in the last three years (2017, 2018, 2019) and guess what, I'm still not any better. I feel like many of these are quite common - or at least that is what I'm telling myself! I'd like to think that some of these are quite common, no matter who you are! As I have said in all of these, I really hope that one day I will be better but who knows! Check back in 2020!

A flat lay of makeup brushes, nail polish, lipstick, hand cream and body lotion

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

In February last year I wrote a post about how I clean my makeup brushes. Now despite being one of my most viewed posts, it is one of the routines that I am terrible at sticking too. For me, the main issue I think as to why I am so terrible is I have a lot of brushes. From eyes to face, I have at least two or three of each kind. 

If one brush has been used and I want to use a different shade, I'll just use another brush. That means I can go quite a while without cleaning them. A bit gross I know! But let's be honest, it's just like doing the washing up - it's boring! 

Not Using Expired Products

When I wrote the 2017, I shared a link to a guide to expiration dates. This is definitely the most common. Unlike other things like food, most of us can get away with using cosmetics for longer than their expiration date. It often seems wasteful as well. Most of us will probably only get rid of products if we no longer like it, or we've finally finished it!

For both of these habits, unless you are a makeup artist and regularly doing makeup on lots of faces, you can probably get away with these! For me, the worse culprits are nail polish and lipstick!


I am quite good at moisturising my face, and I'm sure that is the same for a lot of us. The rest of my body however.. not so much! I am the best during the summer, but even then it's still not enough! I think my main problem is not wanting to wait around before putting clothes on. When I am moisturising my body (usually after a bath), I'm usually not going anywhere so I can chill out!

I am also bad at using hand cream, which I guess isn't that essential! However when I do remember, I like to use the Soap & Glory Call Of Fruity Hand Food. Smells amazing and is quite light. For my body, I am also loving the Soap & Glory Call of Fruity The Way She Smoothes Softening Body Lotion.

Are you good at sticking to beauty routines?

Ellyn xx

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