Some Of My Goals For 2020

A few days in 2020, my family and I were discussing our resolutions for the year. I realised that I hadn't thought of any. Whilst I prefer goals, I actually struggled to think of what I wanted to achieve. There are always a few that we all like to achieve, fitness, reading but this year I really struggled. What I have decided to do this year is not set out all my goals for the year at once. Let the months go by and see what happens. Adapt or change if necessary. I feel like that takes the pressure off. Here are my goals so far!


January Birchbox - Birchbox X Rochelle Humes

This year marks three years that I've been getting a Birchbox. I love getting it every month, and trying out a huge variety of products. I'm looking forward to trying more new things this year. The first box of the year is in collaboration with Rochelle Humes. I was big fan of S Club 7 when I was growing up, and Rochelle was part of the S Club Juniors! She has since been in The Saturdays, and now does a lot of presenting. She does a clothing edit with New Look. Let's see what was inside the box!

January Birchbox featuring a variety of makeup and skincare

Concealer - My Picks

As a non-foundation wearer, I live on concealer. Whilst I might wear foundation for a fancy occasion, on the day-to-day basis, I don't need it. Now I will be upfront and honest and say that I only really use concealer for under my eyes. However, I do like the concealer I use under my eyes to be full-coverage so you should be able to use these to cover blemishes or any other issues. All of these concealers are available from the high-street, and all but one have a decent shade range.

L'Oreal More Than Concealer, Natural Collection concealer, Collection Lasting Perfection concealer

#MakeupMonday - My Most Used Products 2019 Edition

A new year, and a new decade. Isn't that scary! The fact that in this decade I will be turning 30 is pretty scary - the age my mum was when I was born! In today's post, I will be revealing the most used makeup in my weekly #MakeupMonday posts on Instagram. I did this last year and I found it really interesting. As a makeup lover, I love trying out new products, but it is a true testament to a good product when you see how much you actually you use it.

A collection of beauty products and an iPhone showing an Instagram post
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