Smoothie Time - Mango Sunshine

It has been absolutely ages since I posted a smoothie recipe! As we have had a sudden rush of warm weather, I thought now was the perfect opportunity to make some smoothie bowls again! At the moment I am loving mango and kiwi, so I thought I would use both of them in a recipe. Mango is a great option to have in a smoothie as it really helps with the texture, but also adds a really nice flavour!


Spring Fashion Picks

I spend most of the winter months in jumpers and leggings. When the warmer weather begins to approach, I can pull out a lot more variety of options. I've worn a few of these during the winter, but it is during the spring and summer that they really shine. In this post, I've chosen a few style of clothing that I will be wearing when the weather finally warms up for spring. I've included some of my favourite options, and how I might style them. 


GRWM - A Natural Spring Look

Whilst I am never one who says that you must stick to trends, there is something about spring which does inspire me to use lighter colours and go for fresh-looking skin. The main inspiration with this look that I've been wearing recently centers around brown eyeliner. Brown eyeliner and mascara is always said to look more natural. So for a spring look, it fits perfectly. This is filled with a lot of my current favourite makeup products too, so I'll probably be wearing this look a lot more this spring!


April Birchbox - You're A Gem

We are already a third through the Birchbox posts for 2019! That is crazy! Remember when months used to drag on for ages - what changed? This month's box is inspired by the positive healing of crystals. Whilst I am not really into crystals, energies etc., I remember a shop that used to be in my local shopping centre where you could buy lots of crystals, and my friends and I used to love going there! I really love the design of the box as well, all the blues, purples and pink. There is also a mirror inside so it could also work as a travel makeup bag - complete with mirror! Very handy! Let's see what is inside this month!

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