Blogging Things To Complete In December

I can't believe that I am writing the last blog post of November. It is crazy that my next blog will be in December - and that's Sunday! As well as the lead-up to Christmas, December is also the time that we all start to get organised for the new year. As many of you reading most likely have a blog of your own, I thought I'd share some of the things that I am doing for my blog during December, to get ready for 2020.

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Sort Out Any Dead Links Or Spam Comments

It is probably one of the most boring tasks of all but can make a big difference. Getting rid of any dead links or spam improves your DA score (you can check your score here). As a reader, it is annoying if you are interested in a link, whether it is to a blog or a specific product and the link doesn't work! Or if something does not exist anymore. 

I like to use Broken Link Checker. If you have never checked links before, you might be waiting for a while so it is definitely something I like to do regularly. Hopefully not too many! I won’t lie, it is really boring so I often will watch or listen to something in the background! 

Evaluating Content

A new year means a time to start fresh. Although I track the stats of my blog and Instagram every month, I think doing a full evaluation at the end of the year will be beneficial. I will be able to look at what content was the most successful, and least successful so throughout 2020, I will be sharing blog posts and Instagram images that people actually enjoy.

Whether you are a full-time blogger, part-time or just as a hobby, creating content takes time. From taking photos, writing and sharing, there is no point in creating content that no one is going to appreciate. It is just a waste of your time. 

Plan! Plan! Plan!

December for most of us is one of the busiest months of the year. Whether it is work deadlines, or just trying to get Christmas organised, everyone is preoccupied with at least a couple different things. Christmas should also be the time to relax, and enjoy some time with family and friends. 

Planning ahead for December, and even going to January will allow for all of us to be able to get everything done, and enjoy our Christmas!

What are you doing this December?

Ellyn xx

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