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One of my favourite videos to watch are collection videos, or de-cluttering. Essentially videos that allow us to be nosy! For beauty influencers, there is a constant stream of new products, so it is always interesting to see their collections to find out what products stay, and that they really enjoy. Benefit is one of my all time favourite brands, and one thing that I own the most of, are their box powders. An iconic part of their brand. Since I got my first one, there have been several more released. They are some of my most used cheek products, and have many for a long time.


Benefit’s award-winning Hoola bronzer is now available in 4 SUNsational shades. All shades feature the same soft, blendable formula and matte finish that made the original Hoola a cult-favourite. The entire Hoola bronzer collection ranges from light to deep so you can sweep on a natural-looking bronze

Out of all of Benefit's powders, Hoola is probably the most iconic of them all. This is one of the longest-standing products in my entire makeup collection. It is just that good that I will always come back to it. I also love using it as an eyeshadow too. What is great is that Hoola is now available in three other shades so hopefully more people will be able to use it! 


Benefit Sugarbomb is guilt free indulgence! Four complementing shades of rose, shimmering pink, soft plum and sumptuous peach blend together perfectly to brighten cheeks in a deliciously soft and natural way.

Sugarbomb is quite a unique blush as it is technically a 4-in-1. Whilst it easiest to use all together, if you fancy more of one colour, you can. I will be honest that I don't use this as much as I used to, but is still a really nice blusher. Similarly to Hoola, I've had this for absolutely ages and I've barely hit pan. 

Benefit’s GALifornia golden pink blusher is part sun, pure fun! It blends bright pink with shimmering gold, capturing the warm glow of California sunshine in a box. The signature GALifornia Dreamin’ scent features notes of pink grapefruit & vanilla. Comes complete with a custom rounded blush brush for soft, diffused application.

Out of all these blushes, this is probably my favourite. It gives a gorgeous coral-y pink look to the skin. I do have the travel size which doesn't have the shimmer overlay, but I've swatched the full size in store before and it looks really nice. I've still not hit pan on this, so even with the smaller sizes, you will get years and years of wear. 

This golden-nectar blush gives any look a natural-looking warm glow! Embossed with a stunning “golden nugget” overspray, the specialised formula gradually lifts away to reveal a rich, nectar shade infused with delicate, golden flecks throughout the powder. The soft, blendable formula also features a signature scent with notes of citrus, vanilla & sandalwood.

I got this last September in my Birchbox. The overall finish is quite similar to all of Sugarbomb swirled together, but slightly lighter. Just like GALifornia, because it is a smaller size it doesn't have the shimmery overlay. 


Get your glow on with dandelion twinkle superfine highlighting powder. Special baked technology delivers a strobing formula for a sheer, whisper-light texture. Wear it alone or on top of your favorite blush or powder and step into the dreamy spotlight.

If there is any reason to check out the clearance section, this is it. I managed to snag this for only £5! I go on and off with powder highlighters, but this one is really nice. It is more glowy shimmer, then glittery shimmer so it is really nice and subtle. Since this launched, Benefit has brought out two more highlighters, Cookie and Tickle. They look a lot more intense if you prefer that. 

Have you tried any of Benefit's box powders?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I haven't ever tried any of Benefit's box powders but I've heard a lot about them! Especially the Hoola ones - which seem to be the most popular. I definitely need to make bronzer and blush more of a priority and invest in some new, really good ones because they can totally transform a make up look! - Jenny x

  2. I love Hoola! I finally jumped on that train recently as I got a small sample from sephora and I think I'm gonna rebuy as it applies so well!


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