My Desert Island Beauty Picks - Blush

It's time to do another 'desert island' beauty picks post. There was not one last month, but you can check out all my previous ones here. If you have not seen the other ones, the premise is that aside from all the basics (food, water etc.), as a makeup lover, deciding three items from a particular area of beauty that I would take with me. Sadly I have too much makeup to part with so I have to do it in sections. This month, I am doing blush. I should point out that these blushes will not suit everyone as it is for my skintone, but I do love the formulas and each has other shades which should work for other people!

Benefit's Box Powders are an iconic part of not only their brand, but high end beauty. From bronzers, blushers and highlighters - you can do your entire cheek makeup. Since launching, Benefit has brought out loads more powders, including lighter and deeper shades of the iconic Hoola. Blush-wise, I currently own Sugarbomb and GALifornia, both of which I love, but I love GALifornia a lot more.

Not only has this featured in plently of my Makeup Monday posts on Instagram, I have also had it since the summer of 2017 and have not hit pan - and it's a travel size! I would describe it as a coral-pink. I should note that as I have the travel size, it does not have the shimmer overlay that the original size does. When I have swatched that in store, it does look really nice on the skin. 

NARS is one of my all time favourite brands, I don't think I've tried a single thing that I don't love. Aside from this blush, you should also check out the Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base - unless I'm doing a high-street look, I never do my makeup without it. One of my other favourite products is this blush! Whilst it might be a bit awkward to say this name out loud, you'd like to hope there are no young children around, it is a lovely shade of blush.

I was a little nervous when I tried this for the first time as it does contain gold glitter. I did not want my cheeks to look like the Strictly Glitterball. However it only leaves a few pieces and looks very subtle on the cheeks. It is a gorgeous peachy-pink shade. The 'standard' Orgasm blush is very similar, except has gold shimmer instead. 

This is the newest blush in my collection, I purchased it for my full Natural Collection GRWM post. Whilst it is very new, I have actually been using it quite a lot. It was definitely one of the best products from the post. It is also fragrance-free, and only £2! That being said, it has a very limited shade range in all of their face products. 

There is only one other shade which might work for some darker skin tones, but in today's market is not good enough. I hope that in the future Natural Collection (and other high street brands) increase their shade ranges in all their face products. Everyone should be able to own a blush that suits them for only £2!

What blushes would you take to a desert island?

Ellyn xx

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