Five Favourites - Priming For Autumn

To justify my hoard of makeup, I like to try and change up what I'm using, old or new to mix it up. In the last few weeks, I've changed my face makeup a lot more. So most of these products will be face products, but I do have an eye product as well. It is also a bit Benefit heavy, which I promise was not intentional. However it is one of my favourite brands so it wasn't too surprising! I've been using these products almost every time I've done my makeup, so they are very well tested! Let's dive in.

I’ve been using this  Shade ‘N’ Shimmer a lot recently, you might have seen it a lot on my Instagram. Both the highlight shade and bronzer is amazing, and I really like the look the bronzer gives to the skin. It is also absolutely massive! I've barely made any kind of impact on it. Check back next year and I bet it there will look brand new!

As it is from a tanning brand, you can use it on your body as well as your face. At the moment I've only been using it on face. 

I think there has only been one time since purchasing these liners that I haven't used either the black or brown Roller Liner. I still use the black a lot more, and I am obsessed. It hasn't lost any pigmentation and has not dried out even a little. For an eyeliner that I've been using almost everyday since May, to stay just like it was when I first used it is pretty darn good!

It is the most expensive liquid eyeliner that I have purchased, but it is easily worth it. It is still under £20 so it is not the most ridiculously priced, but it might be for others. However if you want to treat yourself and you are a big eyeliner fan, I would seriously recommend trying this out. I have done a more in depth post here

Now when I was pulling together the products for this post, it wasn't till I had got them all that I realised it was going to be mostly primers. If you saw my Instagram, I found this and the travel size of Dandelion Twinkle in the clearance section of my local Boots. I tried this a long time ago and liked it, but I definitely like it a lot more now. 

It does give your skin a little pick-me-up look, and unlike other brightening primers, it doesn't have any shimmer in it. Despite being a travel size, I still have a few more uses out of it, so I can imagine how many I could get out of the full size. 

I like to dabble in makeup trends, but one I didn't participate in until now is multi-priming. Many of us do not have one type of skin. We might have a mixture of drier patches, we might be oily towards the centre of of face but no where else, or you might have some larger pores in some areas. This last one applies to me. Whilst my skin is predominantly dehydrated, I do have some pores around my nose. They are not the largest in the world, but can be seen a lot more after using certain products.

Putting a primer like POREfessional in those areas has made a big difference to the overall appearance of my face. It looks like one neat canvas, and I know that the different primers I'm using are catering to the specific areas that need it. I got given this small size as part of my Birchbox.

If I haven't been using the POREfessional, I've been using this. I am a massive fan of the Smashbox Primerizer. However this was one of the products that was emphasing the pores on my face. So these two (or with POREfessional) make a great overall combination to suit my face. Smashbox have one of the largest primer collections that I can think off, so check it out if you want to try multi-priming. 

What are your current favourites?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I really wanna try the rolla liner! It sounds amazing!


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