My Go-To Lip Options

I am a true lipstick lover. I own way too many. Even a clearout doesn't actually make much of a dent. The struggle is real. However I always have a few that I will gravitate too. Obviously this changes quite regularly with new products, discoveries of old faves but a good lipstick can stand the test of time. In today's post I thought I would write about my current go-to lipstick options. It was not actually intentional that these are all pale pink/rose nude shades, I guess that's just where my head is right now!

I love trying out new lipsticks.. not that my makeup collection can fit anymore in! The most recent liquid lipsticks that I’ve been trying are the Too Faced Melted Mattes. They are very comfortable, not as long lasting as others but I would continue to try other shades.

At the moment, my go-to shade is Child Star. I have wanted this shade for years. I saw Jessie from Sunbeamsjess use it in a video and I instantly wanted it. However it was so hard to get hold of it so I gave up. At the start of the year, I was watching the old video again and managed to find it in stock on Selfridge's website! It is slightly paler than what I would normally go for, but thankfully it just about stays clear of concealer lips! 

MAC is one of my favourite lipstick brands. All of the shades that I own could feature in a post like this, can be worn over or without lipliner and still looks great. In the past, I have loved the shades Whirl and Mocha, but at the moment I am still loving the shade Taupe.

This is a matte finish, but it is not drying and lasts really well. Shade-wise  it reminds me of if Whirl and Mocha had a baby. I think this is a great universal shade for so many different skin tones, from a classic nude to a darker nude.

If I am cutting it fine, this is a great option. I can still get what I want with a lipliner and lipstick, but in one product! So if needs be, I can do my lip on the go without too much fuss! It is a gorgeous rose shade, and so easy to use. The lipstick is a bit more creamy than I usually go for but it does feel nice for a change on the lips. 

I would love to try more shades of this, to further expand my 'running late but still want to look put together' lipstick collection!

What are your go-to lip options?

Ellyn xx

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