My September Goals

First off, let’s start with the obligatory “I cannot believe that it is September!”, which is totally true! This month for many brings a new academic year (which on a side-note, my baby sister starts at my old secondary school this week and I am still not ready for that) but to me, is also feels like a fresh start, even though there aren’t many months left in the year! I really liked writing a goals post last month, so I thought I would do it again, and try to make it a weekly thing! Also for any keen eyes, this is an already used blog photo, but I am on holiday at the moment and did not manage to get a fresh shot! It’s from May though, so I think that’s ok!

Remember when I said last month that I planned to get all my posts for August published. Yeah, that failed. But it was getting to point where I was so concerned with getting posts written, especially as I was going to be on holiday for two of the weeks, I was just not loving what I was trying to write. So instead of writing half-arsed content that I didn’t love, I decided to not write at all, and focus on planning ahead for this month, and writing content that I want to write.

I still haven’t found a ‘blog routine’ but maybe that’s because I have to do it my own way. A lot of online planning printables either had lots of boxes that did not apply to me, or I just did not see myself sticking to regularly. But in the end, I guess that shows that your blog is individual, both down to what content you publish, and how you get it published!

With my bullet journal, I did use it a lot more than I did in July, but not fully, I’m not sure if my holidays played a part in it, but it is looking a little bare. I think for this month, I am going to be more realistic with what spreads I put in, and sit down at the start of every morning and put everything in then and there, and complete those tasks first before doing other things. 

I did finish a book! I mentioned in my holiday books post that whilst at the airport, I picked up The Tattooist Of Auschwitz by Heather Morris. It is based on the life of Lale Solokov before, during and a little after his time in the camp. Whilst it speaks of the horror of what so many people went through, there is a little positivity from Lale and his future wife Gita, whom he met in the camp.

So let’s stop talking about last month and get on with this month’s goals!

Blogging Goals

Continuing to grow my social media
Whilst in the grand world of blogging, my social media presence is still very small, for me even reaching small milestones has meant a lot. At the moment of writing this post, I have combined total of 800 followers across my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. Even that is crazy for me, as it is basically 800 people wanting to follow my content. They might not all interact with my content, but they are still there.

I want to keep growing, and develop more content and posting regularly. At the moment, I use Twitter to share my blog posts, whilst I post other weekly images on my Instagram as well as blog posts, which then get shared onto my Facebook page. What kind of social media content do you share, and more importantly like to engage with?

Posting on time, and completing all posts
Like I said above, August started out really well, but failed at the end. However, I will not let this happen in September! I have no holidays so no reason to have any excuse for missing posts. The day I am writing this post, I already have 7 posts planned. Now some I can’t start writing straight away (ie. my Birchbox post) but the plan is there.

Having the posts planned in advance is also a huge help to getting pictures done. Sometimes, I don’t get all my blog post pictures done on the weekend so I have to do it in the morning before I go to work, if I already have an idea of what needs to be included in the post, and a vague colour scheme, I can get it all done a lot faster. 

More fashion posts!
Although I write predominantly about beauty and lifestyle, I would really like to get some more fashion content out there. Many of the bloggers I follow post such gorgeous outfit pictures, and it just makes me want to share more! My only real setback is getting the time in and having a person to help me by taking images.

Almost all of my outfit photographs are taken by members of my family or friends. Now whilst I am happy with the pictures that they take, it can be a little tricky to get it all done. Most of these outfits will be shot in either my back garden, or in my hometown, and whilst that is fine, I would love to explore London more and shoot in more interesting locations. If you know any (or are) London-based ‘street-style’/blogger photographers (that is a terrible description), but don’t cost an arm and a leg, please let me know!

Lifestyle Goals

Getting Back Into Fitness 
I have never been one who follows a strict fitness regime, but at the very start of summer, I was running at least twice a week, going to my two dance classes and fitting in the occasional home workout as well. Now for me, that is a pretty decent amount of fitness (bearing in mind, I do walk everywhere so obviously there is more exercise there.) This kind of fizzled out at the start of July, and when my dance classes finished for the term.

There was no real reason for why it fizzled out, I was in hospital overnight at the very start of the month, but nothing about that should affect doing fitness. Last month I had two holidays and I just felt that starting fresh in September would be better. Also, my dance classes are back so that will help too!

Continuing reading at least one book a month!
As I have mentioned before, my reading resolution has failed miserably! I think overall I’ve fully read about 4 books. It is shameful. Anyone who visits this blog for the first time, will never believe that I used to be able to get through about 3-4 in a week. At the end of last month, I got out my Kindle Fire which I have not used in ages due to having an iPad mini.
In the past, I’ve read a few books on my phone, so I thought bringing about my Kindle might help.

I think what I also want to do is start following more book bloggers, and look for online book clubs and see what books they are reading to get inspiration. If you have any recommendations on books, bloggers to follow or online book clubs (happy for it to be on social media, or an actual website), please let me know!

So these are my September goals for the month. Let’s hope I can achieve all of them (hopefully) in some way. Just getting some of this stuff done will be great! But remember, if achieving goals is getting too stressful, relax! You are not a daily newspaper, everyone needs a break - blogging should be fun, not a chore!

What are your blogging and/or lifestyle goals for this month?

Ellyn xx

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  1. Good luck with your goals. That book sounds good.

  2. Good luck with your September goals! I can totally relate to you about social media. Keep it up with the engagement! I typically use Twitter for my blogging stuff - easier to copy and paste than go on IG. It's great that you want to go back into fitness! Your health will thank you later.

    Nancy ♥

  3. I would definitely like to focus more on my social media presence this month too. I see so many other bloggers crushing their goals and am over the moon for them. They all credit social media as their secret weapon, so there is definitely something to it! Good luck on your goals this month!

  4. These are some great goals! It's so important to find a blogging routine that works for you rather than trying to stick to someone else's guide. My goals this month are primarily fitness related too, I have my first ever half marathon at the end of the month and that's pretty much all I can think of right now! x


  5. Good luck with your goals honey! I struggle to stick to a routine too, you just need to find what works for you!

    Jess //

  6. I love planning but am often rubbish at sticking to a routine! That's when I need to sit down and have a brainstorming session and think about the big questions. Who do I want to reach and how can I help them. That helps me to get going again and get a clearer idea on what to do next. I hope your planning works out better than mine does. You are right, you definitely have to find what works for you.

  7. These are such good goals! How are you fairing a week in? I'm definitely using that blogging goal too - it's time I got more organised!


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