A Mini Makeup Haul

Although I am huge make-up lover, it has been a while since I have bought some new products to try. Whilst I was on holiday in Cornwall, Debenhams were having a 15% make-up sale and I also had an ASOS A-List voucher that was about to expire - so I thought, this would be great time to buy some new make-up, and get a discount with it! I have not tried any products from these brands before so it will be interesting to see how they fare, and if I would purchase anything else in the future!

This has been on my make-up wishlist for a while now. I have tried many different types of primers, but still haven’t found the absolute perfect one. I had heard of the Primerizer and knew that is was pretty popular within the beauty community, but never really tried to get hold of it. However In the last few months, I have been more and more interested to trying some more high-end products, and this marked the top of the list. 

Then, because ASOS is now stocking Smashbox, I thought that there was no excuse for me not to try this! Also, two of my favourite beauty YouTubers are TheAnnaEdit and Allana Davison are big fans of this primer, so if I didn’t already need persuaded, their approval tipped the iceberg. I chose the smaller size (30ml) just to see if I would like it, but if I do, I will definitely purchase the full size!

It is becoming a broken record, but I am still such a huge fan of liquid lipsticks. So to stop boring you all with the same old raves, I thought it was time to test out a new brand. I feel like the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks were one of the first liquid lipsticks that really hit the popularity fan. There are over 40 different shades, so there will most likely be a neutral or bold colour for you.

This is also a cruelty-free and vegan brand, so it really is a brand that everyone will be able to use! I am going to save a full review for a Battle Of The Liquid Lipsticks post that I am planning, but I will say, I would definitely purchase other shades! I would like to try some other Kat Von D products, particularly her eyeliner but if you have some particular faves, let me know!

I was been wanting to try some of ASOS’ make-up for a while, and at its price point, I am surprised it has taken this long. Although I am still hesitant about buying any powder products, but that’s just because I am worried about it breaking during delivery. 

The first thing I picked up was a eyeliner, I don’t think I’ve ever worn a make-up look without my eyeliner flick, it suits my face, and as I wear glasses it just fits really well. I don’t always love pen eyeliners as some I have tried in the past were just a little too watery so it will be interesting to see the formula of this. It does have a nice brush head, so I hope the formula does match up.

Although I am not a person who sticks to the whole ‘change your mascara every three months’ thing, when the formula starts to dry up, it is probably time to switch it up. I also like to double up with mascara, so I can go through more quite quickly, so it is good to have a spare one ready.

I also thought that since I am buying an eyeliner from ASOS, why not pair it up with their mascara as well. It is quite a chunky bottle, but the brush is not that big, it reminds me of the Benefit They’re Real brush, but a teensy bit larger. Now I am a big fan of They’re Real, so I have high hopes. I also love the simple, graphic packaging of both these products - sets it out a bit from the rest of my collection!

Ellyn xx

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