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The problem with being a make-up lover is that you can end up with a lot of make-up that you end up neglecting for a bit, being replaced by new favourites. Whilst in some ways it is good to switch up what make-up you are using, it's fun to reach back in and re-use some old favourites - and often wonder why you stopped using it! So in this posts, I have picked out four of my old favourite products that I want to start using it again this summer.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette
I was obsessed with this palette when it first came out. It was the first palette in a long time where I was just as into the shimmery shades as the mattes. However recently, I have not been using it as much. Not for any particular reason either.

I think once I've got a bit more of a tan, the warm tone shades will just look gorgeous, especially the shimmery ones. I still believe that this is a must-have palette, and I think there are a variety of shades within the palette that will suit everyone, no matter your skin colour. So I definitely think it is worth investing in.

Sleek MakeUP Highlighter Palette in Soulstice
This palette is one of the most pigmented highlighters that I have ever used. I am still getting to grips with getting highlighter perfect, especially with powder, but I just can't get over how pigmented this palette is.

The two highlighters on the right hand side of the palette are ridiculous. I swear you could see your cheeks from Mars. The top left is a cream highlighter and on my skin tone, it is slightly too pink and dark to wear alone as a highlight but works as a great base for the others. It also has amazing lasting power, even if my blush and bronzer had started to fade - the highlighter was going no where!

L'Oreal Paris True Match Illuminating Liquid 101 Gold
At the moment, I am using an illuminator almost every time I use make-up. However, one I have not used in a while is the L'Oreal Paris True Match Illuminating Liquid 101 Gold. This is slightly darker than the other illuminators that I own, so I only really use it if I am mixing it with a light foundation, or when I've got a little more colour in my skin.

This is such a beautiful illuminator, especially from the drugstore. It was the first one I tried where I really felt that it was glowy, and not shimmery.

Topshop Lipstick in All About Me
Whilst in the last year I have been drawn to more muted, and neutral shades, I am always a fan of a bright lipstick in the summer. One of my favourite bright lipsticks is this Topshop shade. Sadly, I don't think Topshop make this anymore, so I will have to hold onto this as long as possible.

This is my favourite shade of pink lipstick to wear as it is nice and bright but is still a little on the red side so it doesn't look too 'Barbie' on me. The Topshop matte formulas are great for people who still want a bold matte colour but do not like the feeling of matte formulas on the lips.

So these are the makeup products that I want to get more use out of this summer. Are there are make-up products in your collection that you have neglected?

Ellyn xx

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  1. I've been loving my Naked Heat palette again recently after not using it for months & Sleek Solstice is amazing!

    Jess //

    1. I love getting back into products!

      Ellyn xx | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

  2. YES! I'm a little embarrassed of how many things I have that would fit this category! I have so many products I love but just don't reach for all that often. You've inspired me to gave a rummage through my collection and pick out some old faves. I have a few lipsticks in mind straight away x


    1. I think it is good every once to while to go through your collection and discover new things! Its like shopping, but without spending money!

      Ellyn xx | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

  3. Ahhhh this has made me want to buy the naked heat palette all over again! I have so many products that would fit in this category lol its a bit embarrassing! I'm on a bit of a spending ban at the minute so I'm sure I'll rediscover some old favourites!

    1. It is great to rediscover old faves!

      Ellyn xx | Life Of A Beauty Nerd


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