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2015 has sadly left us and hopefully 2016 will be full of excitement! This year I graduate from university and turn 21 which is a little bit scary! Today I am sharing with you my favourite makeup, skincare and fragrances and a couple of TV shows with you from 2015! I would love to know yours so feel free to comment below and let me know!

L'Oreal Paris Collection Exclusive Color Riche Lipstick in Eva's Delicate Rose
This year I have been wearing a lot  less dramatic lipsticks during the day and this has been the colour I have worn the most out of the more 'natural' colours that I own. It is a bit more pink than most natural toned lipsticks but I think it suits my skin tone a bit more. I really hope L'Oreal does not discontinue this lipstick because I love it!

Sleek Face Form Contouring and Blush Palette

I have been using this palette pretty much every time I do my makeup. It is super convenient for when I am getting ready for university as I can use the whole palette rather than trying to find the individual products. The bronzer is a perfect balance between a more contouring shade and a general bronzer on my skin tone. Although the blusher looks just as shimmery as the highlighter, I do find it does not make my cheeks look like a clown. It is also super affordable and it is great quality.

Soap & Glory Supercat Fat Eyeliner

I also have been using this product every time I do my makeup. I love that this eyeliner is thicker than most felt-tip eyeliners as I wear my eyeliner relatively thick. It literally takes me a couple of minutes to do my eyeliner and it lasts forever without drying out. I do not think I have ever owned an eyeliner for as long as I have had this one! Definitely worth all of the money! The only downside for me is my local Boots at home does not stock Soap & Glory beauty so I might have to stock up whilst I am at university before I graduate!

Benefit They're Real and Rollerlash Mascara

Benefit mascaras are probably my absolute favourite mascaras to use! I started this year off with They're Real which was my favourite mascara ever.. until I tried Rollerlash! Unfortunately I do not have photo of Rollerlash but I first had a sample from a magazine and as soon as it ran out, I went straight to the Benefit counter and purchased the full size! However, my sister got me a set of Benefit makeup which included the They're Real for Christmas and I have really been enjoying using the mascara again. I will probably start alternating between the two as they are my absolute favourite mascaras to use!


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I have gone through three full size bottles of this micellar water to remove my makeup, and this year I have not used anything else! I bought the travel size when I went on holiday as I knew I would not want to use anything else. It is super gentle on the eyes but is super effective at getting your makeup off. It also takes off all my mascara when I go back with a folded cotton pad and run it through my eyelashes. I have also sometimes used it to clean my face if I am in a rush and it does not dry out the skin but leave it feeling fresh. 

Lush 9 To 5 Cleansing Lotion

I will admit it, I am really bad at washing my face, especially in the morning when I am at university. However, I started using this cleanser in the shower and I have been using it pretty much everyday ( I do still have the odd day where I forget.. oops.) It is really quick to use and I do not feel like I have to look in the mirror whilst I am washing it off. The consistency is more on the liquid side but I prefer that in the morning. I did not bring my full size home with me from university so I had to go and buy the mini size to use at home!

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion 

This is my favourite face scrub that I have ever used! It does not feel like it is attacking my skin but still feels like it is doing the job. It also smells so good! I will definitely be repurchasing this product when it runs out! It is recommended to be used twice a week and I like to use it before a face mask and I feel like it helps the mask work even better as it can get right down into the skin.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet

Another thing I am really bad at is moisturing my body! I often feel really sticky after using most body lotions, creams or butters. However, the Body Sorbet from the Body Shop may have changed my life. I bought it to take on holiday and I used it everyday! It sunk it really quickly but without making my skin feel like I did not put any on! The Fuji Green Tea scent is also delicious and smells like sexy men. 


Chloe and L'Eau de Chloe

I wonder if you can tell what my favourite perfume brand is. I have been wearing Chloe for so long and it is the only perfume brand that I own. I adore the more 'grown-up' smell that it has compared to other fragrances. I was given L'Eau de Chloe (Green bow) by accident instead of the regular Chloe but I have actually enjoyed wearing it during the day. It still has the hint of Chloe to it, but is not so strong and it also means my actual Chloe does not run out so fast! I was so appreciative to receive the 50ml Chloe for my birthday as I felt the 30ml just went too quickly!

TV Shows

So I might be a little obsessed with Aidan Turner. From Being Human, The Hobbit films and now Poldark. Although I had decided to watch the show because Aidan was in it, I found over the course of the series that I really enjoyed the story lines and the acting. I also now have the first two books by Winston Graham in which the first series is based on and I am enjoying them! Series 2 is hopefully coming later this year as they are still filming it and I cannot wait to see it!

Reign is a TV series that I found on Netflix in the autumn and ended up watching at least 3 episodes every time I sat down to watch it. The series is based on the life of Mary Queen of Scots when she lived in France and was married to King Francis II. I'm not sure if the series will continue long enough to see Mary return to Scotland but in the finale of season 2, we meet Queen Elizabeth I so it is possible. My housemates at university have also been enjoying Reign so we will all be watching Season 3 together! The only minor complaint that I have about the series is that they often use modern music (Pompeii by Bastille played in one scene) as the background music and I find it a bit strange for a period drama. 

Ellyn xx

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  1. I live the sound of that Lush cleanser! Anthing thats cruelty free, smells good and is creamy is good in my books! x

    Vintage haven featuring Boohoo over on -

    1. It is really nice! I came back to university last week and found my housemate has bought it and now we have two bottles of the cleanser in our shower!


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